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pc game limbo

IgorehaLimbo (PC Game)
Limbo (PC Game)

[Image: 2019-07-11_192204.1562862146.jpg]
Unsure of the fate of his sister, the boy goes to LIMBO ...

The developer of Playdead demonstrate their aestheticism - like a gloomy Eastern European cartoon through misted glass - with particular beauty and consistency. However, the real reason for the success of the game is the refusal to focus exclusively on graphics. True resourcefulness thrives on restrictions, and Limbo is strict and implacable in self-erected barriers. There is no color, no dialogue, a minimum of music, no screensavers, no health scales, nothing superfluous. However, you can not just hang the restrictions and expect that this will result in something great. Discarding too much, you need to use what is left with the most convincing. And this is exactly what Limbo is seeking. The game seems to take a step away from the visual tinsel and sound debris in the direction of creating other sensations: feelings of magic, or, say, sympathy and vulnerability.

Free July 18-25 @ Epic Games
Thanks for the post got my free copy.

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