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pro digitalvolcano duplicate v4 cleaner

tarekma7Promo2day Review [DigitalVolcano] Duplicate Cleaner Pro v4
[Image: Kqwj3nb.png]

Did you ever imagine how many redundant or duplicate files you could find forgotten in an obscure documents folder. Duplicate Cleaner will make it easy to organize the contents of your hard drive. Thanks to the support and deep scan for all types of files including photos, music, films, video, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and text files Duplicate Cleaner will find any file that is present many times on your computer. You can easily select which copies to delete or move. These files can be deleted to the recycle bin or moved elsewhere. Important system files and programs aren't deleted.

[Image: mNrsfQs.png]

Product Information:

Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4
OS: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista.
Version 4.1.2   
Released:   21st May 2019
15-day free trial
Size: 11 MB
Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or greater.

[Image: ZOAsCDY.png]

[Image: gQJquil.png]

Free Trial:

There is a 15-day trial of the Pro version. You can try out all the features, but there is a restriction on deleting files.

[Image: aHZyaQT.png]


Simply submit the license key you have received immediately after purchase and activate online. That's all!

Free vs Pro versions:

Free has the basic functionality, and is only for personal/home use - not for use in a commercial environment. Pro has a lot more functions including similar image detection, finding duplicate folders and unique files, searching in zip files and advanced filters and search methods.

[Image: LVdcekN.png]

Purchase Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4

The license you purchase from the official website of the program is permanent license with no subscription required. You will enjoy updates to the program and technical support. You can complete payment using PayPal, card or bank.

User Interface:

The user interface is very friendly and easy to use

[Image: vhGqzvI.png]



[Image: FJma6Ri.png]


[Image: Xcxle97.png]


[Image: n5iLa0S.png]


[Image: q1GXQ4T.png]

New Features (Changelog):

[Image: wc6WDIo.png]


The all-in-one solution to sorting out your files:

Find duplicate files:

An easy to use interface helps you tell Duplicate Cleaner where to look and what to look for. The unique Selection Assistant will help pick the files to remove. You can delete the files or move them somewhere else for later.

[Image: 9jDOBtM.png]

Sort out your pictures:

Finding similar photos or images - even when edited, rotated or resized - is no problem with Duplicate Cleaner.

Tidy up your music collection:

Duplicate Cleaner can scan all popular music formats. Powerful algorithms allow the matching of tracks by similar or exact audio content. You can also match by tags such as Artist and Song Title.

More power when you need it:

Duplicate Cleaner has enough features to satisfy even the most demanding power user: find duplicate folders, unique files, search inside zip files, advanced filtering, automated selection and much more

Finding duplicate files (Diving in):

The program interface makes it easy to start searching for duplicates. You can narrow your search by the type of file, sizes, dates and more. You can also specify which drives and folders to look in. You can even search inside Zip archives.
The Selection Assistant lets you select files by groups, dates, drives, folders and more. You can select a favorite folder, and remove files that duplicate it elsewhere, or maybe select the smallest images, or the lowest quality mp3.

Duplicate Cleaner can show you all files in a specific directory with the help of Duplicate Folder browser. You will be able to see duplicated directory trees, and easily mark the ones you don't want to keep.

[Image: 7ErKrux.png]


included or excluded from the search for duplicates


This option let you stay safe. The files in this folder or directory will not be deleted if duplicates found


This useful feature will let you find duplicate files which only match files in the master folder. You can set many master folders

Scan against self:

This feature allows you to scan within the same folder for duplicates. This means you can compare 'clean' areas (e.g. archives, cd's) against other areas without generating unneeded lists of duplicate files.

Find uniques:

[Image: 1vm92PE.png]

Any files in this folder which do not have duplicates. They will be listed in a separate tab

Scan subfolders:

All subfolders of this folder will be included in the scan.

What to do with duplicate files?

The program will let you choose what to do with your duplicates. You can delete those files or move or copy them. You can even rename duplicate files.

[Image: NV5xkiH.png]

Hard Linking functionality:

 Advanced users may also be interested in the Hard Linking functionality offered in the pro version and supports NFTS file system only.  A hard link is a directory entry for a file. Every file has at least one hard link

Scan Profiles:

You can save "Scan Profiles" and recall different settings for different jobs at the click of a button.

Find duplicate images:

Now you can easily clean up your image library. You can find images that have been rotated, flipped, retouched, resized or saved in a different format thanks to the advanced visual comparison technique.

[Image: Nasv4SX.png]

You will easily decide what to keep with the help of the image browser. This allows you to view the pictures in the duplicate group side-by-side, for comparison. You can also display image and camera tags such as size, date taken, and color depth.

Image fingerprints:

Duplicate Cleaner will store 'fingerprints' of your images. This way if you scan an image archive again, or scan it against a new folder, the cached fingerprint will be used which will speed things up by over 90%.

Image Formats:

Duplicate Cleaner Pro supports all popular Camera RAW image formats.

Find duplicate music:

You can scan and compare audio files using Duplicate Cleaner. Supported formats are MP3, OGG, WMA, M4A, M4P (iTunes), AAC, FLAC and WAV. The program compare audio files by 'listening' to them: looking for similar audio. It can also compare same or similar music tags across formats by Artist, Title and Album. The list of any audio found will include all details such as length, bit rate and sample rate in addition to the usual tags.

The Selection Assistant help you to select the files you are going to remove. For example; shortest version or lowest quality.

How to use the program?

There are three modes of operation:

Regular Mode, Image Mode and Audio Mode. 

Select the appropriate tab to activate this search type, and then specify the criteria.

The use of the program is very easy. Simply follow these steps

First and very important: have a backup copy of your files! either on a different drive or in the cloud.

Second: Select your scan mode

Duplicate Cleaner has three types of scanning mode: 

Regular mode:

[Image: 2sZXpt1.png]

This mode allows you to easily find duplicates by comparing the actual content of the files, or by attributes such as file name, date and size.  You can select same content, similar or ignore files contents from the search engine. Similar feature lets you specify the minimum similarity by changing the percentage.

Image Mode:

[Image: 7TEacvA.png]

[Image: 8bxbzul.png]

This mode is for the finding of duplicate and similar images. It compares image tags or content 

Audio Mode:

[Image: 5ZQDu6y.png]

[Image: ERgLCOf.png]

This mode is designed for audio/music files. It compares the tags embedded in audio files.

Third: Set your Search criteria

This is done on the Search criteria tab. These will specify the type of files you are scanning for.

Search filters:

[Image: rkqKm7J.png]

These include inclusion, exclusion, names, sizes, and dates of creation or modification. In addition, there is more duplicate options and advanced search options

Fourth: Scan Location:

You can use one or more folders or drives to start search for duplicates. Right context menu of selected locations offers you more features and tools to select from

[Image: hgbwmqL.png]

[Image: Yq2jupF.png]

[Image: 0AlHgSq.png]

Fifth: Starting the scan

Click on the 'Start scan' button. The button is located on both the Search criteria and Scan location tabs. The time needed is to complete the process is variable depending on the drives, folders or files selected. 

Scan Progress Window:


[Image: y6cpmZP.png]

Sixth: After complete scan

[Image: 37yk97m.png]

Now you will see the list of duplicate files, folders or unique files found. Each of these results is listed in a separate button. They are arranged in numbered Groups according to the search criteria. All you have to do is checking a duplicate file you will remove then delete or move to other folder or place

[Image: fGrdxrS.png]

[Image: s9Kl69h.png]

Check the output files:

For example, preview images. This is done using double click, upper button, or view menu option

[Image: KBkWVqy.jpg]

Right click menu:

Duplicate files tab:

[Image: 4UfkG2i.png]

[Image: tL3BNK9.png]

You will have more options and tools using right click of the output duplicate files

Duplicate folders tab:

[Image: zFO8BSw.png]

Also, many options will be listed using right click menu of the output duplicates

Program Options:


[Image: HSY5oqt.png]


 [Image: 90tsQMY.png]


Duplicate Cleaner is a software that is intended to be used on user content including documents, photos, images, music. It can also be used to scan any type of files. It will keep your system well arranged


Product page:



Online help:


Video to show how to use:


Support Forum:
Thanks for the review, Tarek. I already have this software and I can confirm is a great one. Perfect review also.
Thanks for the well done review, Tarek.
Thanks for the review,
another great review awesome Heart Heart 
thank you

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