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virus ashampoo

tarekma7Ashampoo Anti virus
Hi All

I have one license for Ashampoo antivirus valid for 6 months. Note that the paid subscription is valid for one year

If you can test and prepare a good review that is not published anywhere else, please reply here
If many users are interested I will select only one with

The selecetd user will receive the license after review is published
There will be no giveaway for this application
It's tough to find anyone willing to do a product review.
OK it looks no one interested. If anyone is going to install and use the app then just share experience here

I will send him the license
I have installed and compared to the previous version is less wear of RAM, there are frequent updates. In the settings you can even find E mail notifications, there are four layers of protection: secure surfing, file protection, behavior control, Anti ransomware.
Thanks @Bjyda  License sent , check PM

Topic closed
now it's time for longer testing
(06-30-2019 , 03:08 PM)Bjyda Wrote: now it's time for longer testing
Answer it. What is your testing methodology?  Smile

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