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tarekma7Report Forum issues here
there is an extra checkbox in alert setting
what is it for?

[Image: 00000000000000000001.1563111406.png]
Why did you even post then? This button was not intended for you to scrutinize, as per request means a specific user requested this button as posted. Perhaps you can modify this button, as I did, and you can post it the way you think it should function.
For some time, under Waterfox, it is impossible for me to put a page of the forum in the favorites (clicking on the star or via the Favorites menu).
The problem does not arise under Firefox or IE !
I don't know if it's related to the site or Waterfox... in your opinion?
FYI, the problem is solved Smile and was at the level of the integrity of the "Places" database :huh: .
I created a new profile and copied all the elements of the old, except places.sqlite et favicons.sqlite.
Anyone get this message? It shows on top for the notification.

[Image: Screenshot.png]
Yes, I have the same nonsense.
Not sure who close it doesn't show up in log. I had re-open the forum might be due to technical glitch.
yeah probably a glitch of forum software. messages worked fine.
It seems to be okay now

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