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message error login

Login Error Message
I have never seen this message but this thread could be useful:

Quote:If you have upgraded to 1.8.16 or above, please read the following instructions carefully.

Templates requiring changes:
  • error_nopermission

  • header_welcomeblock_guest

  • member_login

  • portal_welcome_guesttext

1. Localize form tag
Open each template and look for <form action="member.php" *>. They are the forms you use when logging in. The form tag will likely include other attributes, which you can ignore.

2. Add token
Add after <form action="member.php"> the following piece of code:

<input name="my_post_key" type="hidden" value="{$mybb->post_code}" />

It's that simple. Your users will now be able to login again. my_post_key input is in fact now mandatory to be sent alongside other form parameters in order to reduce potential malicious attacks.
I did that fix yesterday when it first reported but to no avail.
scot still reports the error
Please check the error again now. For me no errors seen
I have had the same error from last few days!
After clicking the logo [Image: 5002815logo.jpg] it went away instantly!
But today i encountered this error:[Image: 9807059Error.jpg]
ask him sync his pc clock or if use phone sync is phone clock
@ahmed: thanks for your reply. I see this error today and was corrected in a few minutes

Please check the login error again as I have made some changes and the error doesn't occur with me
It seems to be ok now Smile
one more thing to do is change timezone in forum to match its device timezone
Two Factor Authentication seems very sensitive on setting time correctly
so maybe help

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