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The Award System
Dear member,

We are glad to present you with our forum new system implemented which aimed to reward and motivate our active user. The award can only be rewarded by forum staff member at their own discretion. Here are a list of award we had prepared thus far.

The Influential - Member who manage to refer 25 or more new member to the forum will receive the award

[Image: referral.png]

The Gamer - Member who active posting and sharing news, deal and giveaway in gaming section will be awarded for this particular title. However, a proven hardcore gamer might also be given the award.

[Image: gamer.jpg]

The Enforcer - Member who active monitors and protect the forum from spam or troll by reporting inappropriate post or content to the staff.

[Image: shield.png]

The Writer - Member who writes or conduct quality and original reviews for us will be given the award.

[Image: pen.png]

The Clown - Award will be given who those we find them funny or share hilarious jokes will be awarded.

[Image: clown.jpg]

The Century - Member who reach 100 post will be given the award.

[Image: 100.png]

The Organizer - Member who is generous and active organizing either personal giveaway or giveaway sponsored by developers to the forum.

[Image: gift.jpg]

Reporter - Member who active sharing and post software update and news.

[Image: reporter.jpg]

The Scholar - Awarded to member who is helpful or knowledgeable.

[Image: scholar.jpg]

The Gold - Awarded to high quality and active member.

[Image: gold.png]

The Crown - Well recognize and reputable member will receive the award or user who manage to receive 200 reputation points or more.

[Image: crown.png]

Member of the Month - A poll will be conducted to elect best member of the particular months will receive the award trophy.

[Image: motm.png]

Random - Random award given for various reason when staff find appropriate.

[Image: dice.jpg]

For a full list of award, please visit the page You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.. Please feel free to give us more idea or suggestion if you had any kind of award in mind that you think is suitable for us we will gladly consider it.

Thanks a lot Cool. And it's a good system Thumbs Up
I like it! It is nice and something innovative! Very nice!
The System sounds great and let's see what the result of it !
nice idea...thanks
Thanks Cool. Good Award System.
Has anyone received the member of the month award for September?

If not, maybe we should have a vote or poll for those nominated!
That's  awesome Idea, very innovative.

I will try to get a few award  Big Grin

I gave Askanag the Gamer award today for all his recent game giveaway postings. Thanks alot and keep up the activity and good work.

Congratulations Askanag!


Can we add a poll to this thread with the nominees for Member of the month reward? It may be easier than going through each post and counting up who has been nominated.

Just a thought.

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