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converter 23 video 2018 12 hybrid

Mohammad.PooryaUpdate Hybrid 2019 – Video Converter
Hybrid is a multi platform (Linux, macOS, Windows) converter, based frontend for a bunch of other tools. It can convert nearly every input to x264, x265, Xvid, VP9 …. Also ac3, ogg, mp3, aac, flac inside an mp4, m2ts, mkv,  webm, mov, avi container, a Blu-ray or an AVCHD structure.

Hybrid bundles multiple video processing utilities into a single package. It enables you to convert multiple file types into various multimedia formats. Moreover, it can perform tagging and muxing operations and automate common tasks.

One of the main advantages of Hybrid is related to the range of supported formats. It can handle VC-1 and AVC raw input, along with all the other file types that mplayer and ffmpeg can decode. Also supports x264, Xvid, VP8, x265 and ProRes as output.

The integrated video encoder can handle multiple encoding modes. Each with specific parameters, such as bitrate, constant rate factors and so on. Moreover it provides compatiblity with various containers, including Blu-ray discs or a AVCHD. In addition, you can use audio extraction function for generate MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, AC3, DTS and other similar formats.

Hybrid comes with lots of configuration options for more advanced users. You can modify the encoding mode, adjust the bitrate, set the tune and the entropy coding mode. Furthermore you can resize loaded images, change its aspect ratio, crop images manually. Or allow the application to perform this operation for you with ‘auto crop’ function.

In addition to this, it features filtering capabilities, helping you enhance the quality of your multimedia files prior to encoding. Among the available options you can find deinterlacing, telecine, color adjusting, sharpening, denoising, horizontal and vertical deblocking, temporal noise reducing and many more.

The application can process subtitles and perform tagging operations for video, audio and subtitle streams,. The integrated chapter editor can be of assistance in adjusting the chapter names and edit the video structure. For your convenience, Hybrid includes a job scheduling section that helps you automate various tasks.
Hybrid’s general feature list:

    Extensive ability to configure x264s setting (with dependency checks)
    Ability to configure x265s setting.
    Tagging support for mkv, mp4, mov.
    Chapter support for mkv, mp4, Blu-ray.
    Subtitle suppot for mkv, mp4, Blu-ray.
    Separated audio-, video-, filter profiles, audio and video combi profiles.
    Integrated bitrate calculator.
    Accepts vc-1 and avc raw input.
    Manual and automatic creation and pass-through of chapters.
    Ability to encode single title/chapters.
    aac, mp3, ac3, ogg, flac, dts, pcm audio encoding with dcaenc, mencoder, ffmpeg, aften and different aac encoders.
    Supported AAC encoders: qaac, fdk, faac, fhg, neroaacenc, vo-aacenc.
    Filtering through mencoder (+ some resize automation) or avisynth.
    Acceptable Input: avs and everything that mplayer, ffmpeg can decode
    Supported video output formats: MPEG-4 ASP (Xvid), MPEG-4 AVC (x264, qsvencc). VP8/VP9 (vpxenc), ProRes (ffmpeg). MPEG-4 HEVC (x265, kvazaar, DivX265), FFV1 (ffmpeg). UT video (ffmpeg), FFvHuff (ffmpeg).
    Supported audio output formats: dts, ac3, ogg vorbis, mp3, aac, flac, pcm, opus, pass-through
    Supported containers: mov, mp4, mkv, m2ts, webm, avi. Blu-ray or a AVCHD structure
    Audio/video pass-through -> can be used for muxing, tagging, chapter editing
    A lot of option to automate stuff
[Image: Hybrid_logo.png]

Hybrid ChangeLog:
  • 2018.12.23.1:
    • subs: extract dvb as vobsub subtitles when they are inside an mkv container
    • QSVEnc: remember HEVC 10bit support
    • Jobs: image sequence job handling
    • Jobs: mp4fpsmod input detection
    • Jobs: NVEncC input detection
    • Vapoursynth: handling 'cfr output'
  • *changed*
    • decode: enforce cfrDecode on scaleFPS

Homepage –

Size: 312 MB Hybrid 2019.03.04.1
DOWNLOAD for Windows
DOWNLOAD for Linux 64-bit
  • Hybrid ChangeLog:


    • subtitle: subtilte only extraction for mkv input
    • subtitle: support extraction of dvb_subs as vobsub subtitles when they are inside an mkv container
  • *fixed*
    • video: Xvid 2pass bitrate adjustment
    • automation: handling of aborted subtitle extraction
  • *changed*
    • internal: changed the logging
    • decoding: enforce cfr decode on fps scaling
Hybrid 2019.03.01.1
  • 2019.03.01.1:
    • QSVEnc: typo when using HDR signaling
    • avi: container tagging
    • Avisynth: ConvertBits, don't use dither (stupid idea, since it's already handled when needed)
    • Video: timecode files not created on all video formats
    • x265: cu lossless not disabled when it has no effect
    • Vaporusynth: mClean call
    • QSVEnc: HDR signaling (typo)
  • *changed*
    • video: timcode handling with delays
    • video: support rav1e bitrate&2pass bitrate encoding
    • Vapoursynth: nnedi3cl support to nnedi3aa
Hybrid 2019.03.04.1

Known bugs, which are fixed, but not released in a public version are listed here.
  • 2019.03.04.1:
    • x264: 2pass call
    • muxing: input detection in mencoder muxing call
Hybrid 2019.09.29.1

Changes in Hybrid 2019.09.29.1

  • Jobs: d2v Indexer output detection
  • x265: removed ‘–no-intra-refresh’
  • Input: ffmpeg direct time code extraction
  • Jobs: x265, don’t create .cutree-deletion job when ‘–no-cutree’ is used.
  • Jobs: ‘MPEG-4 ASP + mkv stretch’-handling on passthrough
  • FilterPreview: with interlaced content, that doesn’t get deinterlaced while ‘No Avisynth during Preview’ is disabled
  • Vapoursynth: make vsFilterMod optional (Windows only)
  • Vapoursynth: handle chapter selection
  • x265: support selective SAO
  • Preview: mplayer preview + crop force refresh
  • Removed old compatibility code for old platforms (XP/Vista/SnowLeopard/…)
  • Input: small stuff, disable stretch detection (since it only works for video atm.)
  • Vapoursynth: Cnr2, TemporalDegrain filter
  • Synth: support ‘prefer HW decoding’ for LWLibAvSource
Size: 348 MB
DOWNLOAD Hybrid for Windows
DOWNLOAD Hybrid for Linux 64-bit
DOWNLOAD Hybrid 2018.08.05.1 for Mac
Hybrid 2019.11.03.1

Changes in Hybrid 2019.11.03.1:
  • VideoModel: loading a preset overwrote the resolution&c
  • Vapoursynth: SMDeGrain Ui glitch
  • Vapoursynth: KNLMeansCL, color adjustment for cmode
  • Vapoursynth: LWLibavSource: don’t add prefer_hw for AVC with high bit depth
  • Vapoursynth: CTMF dependency missing for TemporalDegrain depending of Input and/or settings
  • Analyse: Always using ‘–File_TestContinuousFileNames=0’ with MediaInfo.
  • Avisynth: adjust interlaced crop handling
  • NVEncC: adjusted progress indication
  • Subtitle: Teletext handling
  • muxing: explicilty set empty ‘name’-tags when using MP4box to avoid a bug in MediaInfo
  • Video: NVEncC support for –multiref-l0/–multiref-l1
  • Video: adjusting To Kvazaar updates
Hybrid 2019.11.23.1

Changes in Hybrid 2019.11.23.1:
  • muxing: ffmpeg indicating vfr even when video is cfr
  • video: x265 HDR-10+ signaling
  • video: maxCLL typo related to STV-HEVC encoding (can’t be used there anyways so more a cosmetic fix)
  • video: NVEncC multi level typo bug
  • Avisynth: crop not working with custom resizer
  • muxing: mp4 language passthrough
  • gui: VIDEOHANDLING problem on Linux
  • profiles: Do not allow to load Global Profiles while a source is loaded.
  • Vapoursynth: Make sure that after QTGMC the clip is preceived as frame based.
  • video: NVEncC allow L0 and L1 references at the same time
  • video: x265 added support for ‘scenecut-aware-qp’ with ‘scenecut-window’ and ‘max-qp-delta’

    Size: 339 MB
    DOWNLOAD Hybrid for Windows
    DOWNLOAD Hybrid for Linux 64-bit

Hybrid 2019.12.01.1

Changes in Hybrid 2019.12.01.1:
  • video: x265 make sure ‘fixed quantizer’ zones use integer
  • muxing: Hybrid doesn’t send ‘und’ to MP4Box but empty language strings
  • muxing: option to overwrite not only container but additionally stream aspect ratio

Size: 339 MB
DOWNLOAD Hybrid for Windows
DOWNLOAD Hybrid for Linux 64-bit
DOWNLOAD Hybrid for Linux 64-bit (with tools & dependencies)
DOWNLOAD Hybrid 2018.08.05.1 for Mac

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