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Forum news and updates
Hi All

I have updated the forum with many changes done. Many new sections added

News section is now rearranged with new sections added including any news related to microsoft company and any software news EXCEPT Updates which has a special section

Software update forum is now a complete section with many underlying categories. I moved the old section free and paid in this forum.  I will start to move the topics into the corresponding category but this will need some time

New help section: if you have any problem in the forum and need help feel free to open new topic and one of the staff will help you. This section is different from suggestions and feedback

Many sections were renamed and rearranged

I hope you find the forum more interesting
That is a lot of work done to rearrange & improve on every section!  Great dedicated work Bravo
Thanks for all your hard work Tarek. Looks great to me.

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