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Messages in iCloud arrives with iOS 11.4, here’s how it works
[Image: messages-in-icloud-iphone-x.jpg?quality=...all&w=1600]

Quote:Messages in iCloud is finally here as part of this week’s iOS 11.4 release, but the long-awaited feature isn’t totally straightforward without a little help. Turning it on, understanding how it works everywhere, saving important messages, and knowing what benefits it actually offers aren’t made obvious by Apple, but we’ve got it figured out for you:

How to turn on Messages in iCloud

During the iOS 11.4 beta cycle, Apple included a prompt to opt-in to Messages in iCloud with a special splash screen and an activate button. With the official release of iOS 11.4, however, many readers are reporting various experiences with Messages in iCloud being activated.

If you want to be certain that Messages in iCloud is turned on, follow these steps:

Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 11.4 or later
Enable two-factor authentication if disabled
Open Settings app
Tap [Your Name] or Sign in to iCloud
Tap iCloud
Check that Messages is toggled on (green capsule background with round slider on right)

What does Messages in iCloud do?
Messages in iCloud makes messaging work more like modern email. If you receive a message on one device, it shows up everywhere for that account. If you delete a message on one device, it goes away on (almost) every device.

That means you can delete a message thread on your iPhone and it will go away on your iPad automatically without needing to delete the thread in both places.

That also means you’ll want to be more cautious about deleting important messages going forward as they will go away on all devices. Apple now includes a confirmation prompt when deleting entire threads of messages, but individual messages don’t have this prompt.

Another benefit is that once enabled, your old messages will appear on new devices using your iCloud account when setting up as new. Prior to iOS 11.4 and Messages in iCloud, messages only carried over after backing up an old device and restoring a new device from that backup.

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