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Jean-Marie Le Pen lost the appeal in connection with his removal from the National Fr
The founder and long-time leader of the National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has today lost to the court of appeal in Versailles the case that the current party leader, his daughter Marine, has brought up.
The appellate court upheld the decision of the Front, under which in May 2015 it was suspended in the rights of a member of the National Front. The chairwoman of the group, Marine Le Pen, organized an e-mail referendum in which the activists decided to deprive Jean-Marie Le Pen of the title of honorary president (by over 94% of votes). In July of the same year, both decisions were annulled judicially for procedural reasons. In August, the disciplinary commission of the party decided to expel him from the party. The following month he set up his own political association under the name Rassemblement bleu blanc rouge.

At the same time, the verdict provides that Jean-Marie may permanently retain the function of the party's chairman of honor. During the next Congress, delegates are to vote on the new party name. Jean-Marie Le Pen said on Twitter last month that the name change could mean 'real betrayal' in relation to decades of FN's traditions and achievements.


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