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Sweden: The girl rejected the proposal
The crime took place in Piteå - a city in northern Sweden, on the Gulf of Bothnia. He lives there with his two daughters, a middle-aged Syrian refugee. In 2015, one of the daughters caught the eye of a 28-year-old compatriot (currently he still has Syrian citizenship, but also a permanent residence permit). After some time, when everyone got to know each other better, the man asked his mother for the hand of her daughter. Under normal circumstances it would have been a father, but since he was already dead, it was necessary to turn to the other parent. The young man seemed to be sympathetic up to now, so he was blessed.

It turned out, however, that the daughter refused to be his wife and after quarrel with him ran out of the house. Mother regretted the 28-year-old and she wanted to cheer him up with a cup of tea. But when she came into the kitchen, grabbed her buttocks, then dragged her into the bedroom and brutally raped her - 'to regain lost honor,' as he explained to the police.

When he finished and began to dress, he said:

- You will give me every time I want you.

The desperate woman grabbed a lamp with a metal base, standing on the desk and hit her on the rapist, so that he fainted. That's how the police found him.

The District Court of Luleå sentenced the 28-year-old to four years in prison for rape. The Swedish Migration Council (Migrationsverket) opposed the withdrawal of the decision to grant permanent residence and deportation to Syria due to the ongoing conflict there.


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