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Massacre in Brazil. At least 14 people were shot while having fun
The shooting took place during a party in the city of Fortaleza, in the northeast of Brazil. Local media reported that these were gang charges. At least 14 people were killed.
Local media say that the shooting was a clash between members of rival drug gangs.

So far, the services in Brazil have confirmed the death of 14 people. However, it was noted that there are a few people in the hospital who are in severe condition.

From information obtained by the media, it results that up to 6 people found themselves in the intensive care unit. One of the victims is a 12-year-old boy. Brazilian portal veja reported that 18 people were injured altogether.

How did the massacre happen? During the night from Saturday to Sunday, a party was held in one of the premises. At one point, the flu of the armed men, who opened fire on the people playing inside, burst in. The perpetrators, most likely, came to the place of the tragedy with three cars, which then escaped from the scene of the incident.

There was information that one of the perpetrators of the massacre had already been arrested. The police are investigating whether the country's largest murder in the history of the country was caused by gang conflict. The police did not provide information about the detainee so as not to interfere with the police's further work on the case.
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