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Again restlessly in Cologne. 20 thousand Kurds versus 2 thous. German policemen
About 20,000 The Kurds (the number given by the DPA agency) from all over Germany gathered yesterday in Cologne to express their dissatisfaction with the Ankara military operation in the Afrin region of northern Syria.

The protesters were shouting 'Dictator Erdogan' and 'Terrorist Erdogan' with flags of Kurdish armed units YPG and banners 'Stop Erdogan's war!' And 'Peace for Afrin', marched through the center of Cologne. Even before the demonstration, the German police stated that there was a 'high risk' of violence. 2 thousand on the streets policemen in full equipment and with water cannons. The first clashes between the police and the protesters broke out before the start of the march, the German media reported. As a result, the beginning of the demonstration was delayed by about two hours.

Although the march passed relatively calmly, the police described the situation as 'very tense'. Ultimately, the police decided to end the demonstration earlier than planned and called on demonstrators to divide. However, some demonstrators apparently decided to continue the protest when hundreds of people gathered near the main train station in Cologne.
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