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AnVir Task Manager Free 9.2.1 Released
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.     AnVir Task Manager Free
Control everything running on computer, remove Trojans, speed up computer
Monitor processes, services, startup programs, CPU, HDD
Replace Windows Task Manager
Get rid of spyware and viruses that your antivirus missed
Speed up your PC and Windows startup
AnVir Task Manager Free 
It's completely free

For Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10.       Monitor processes, services, startup programs
Replace Windows Task Manager
Full information about processes including command line, DLLs that the program uses, inbound and outbound traffic, disk load, tray icon, performance graph, internet connections, Windows, threads, open files, etc.
Information about startup programs and services. Integrated database with Descriptions for 100 000+ startup programs, Internet Explorer toolbars and services
Information about drivers, Internet (TCP/UPD) connections
Icons in the system tray that indicate:
CPU usage (including a breakdown by application)
Hard drive temperature and disks activity (with per-application info)
Network inbound and outbound traffic
Laptop battery
Get rid of viruses that your antivirus missed
Security risk rating for each active process, service and startup program. The security risk rating indicates the likelihood of a program being potential virus, spyware, malware or trojan. The rating is based on behavior, code analysis, and integrated database
Get notification when any program tries to add itself to startup, and cancel useless or harmful startup program
Right click on any suspicious process or file and check it on with 30+ antiviruses
Enhance Windows
Click on the title of any applicationto:
minimize window to system tray and save the taskbar space from clutter
make window semi-transparent, save windows transparency
pin window 'always on top'
List of recently used folders in Open / Save dialogs
Last launched and favorites programs and folders in tray menu
Speed up your PC and Windows startup
Startup tab shows all programs that run on Windows start. It includes name, file path, company and description. Disable or delete programs that you don't need, and your PC will run much faster.
"Delayed Startup" lets you set up any startup program to run few minutes later after Windows startup. This allows you to begin using the computer without waiting for Windows to load all startup applications.
Run startup programs minimized to system tray, or as a floating icon, or as a services on Windows startup
Balance CPU usage, optimize memory, save process priority
AnVir Task Manager provides convenience by offering all of its features in a single interface. It saves money because users won't have to buy multiple packages to perform a family of related tasks.

AnVir Task Manager is a swiss knife     2002-2017 AnVir Software  :  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.       Downloads
AnVir Task Manager Free
AnVir Task Manager Free (Portable) 
freeware     2002-2018 AnVir Software  : Scanned Malware Free & Clean With Panda Free Antivirus :  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.       2 / 67
2 engines detected this file
SHA-256 3c8a42cd2da49b9dc2ece75e3622b50df1522111f9f6f62e28b346e6e2737868
File name taskfree.exe
File size 4.07 MB
Last analysis 2018-01-05 19:37:41 UTC      

Montiera (fs)


Program.Unwanted.1331       File Names
F-PROT NSIS, UTF-8, Unicode
Signature Info
Signature Verification
Signed file, valid signature
File Version Information
Date Signed 4:04 PM 1/5/2018
AnVir Software
COMODO RSA Code Signing CA
Counter Signers
COMODO SHA-1 Time Stamping Signer
The USERTrust Network : You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.        5 / 61
5 engines detected this file
SHA-256 302f861c0318c56d7d4cd1095aca484ed87a642217386a4a753d5dbf182a57e8
File name
File size 4.97 MB
Last analysis 2018-01-06 00:30:59 UTC      1

Montiera (fs)








W32.Adware.Gen     File Names
F-PROT UTF-8, UPX : Scanned The Standard Exe & The Portable Version Of AnVir Task Manager Free &  AnVir Task Manager Free Portable Version With Panda Free Antivirus : Digital Signature Information ( AnVir Software )
Thanks Big Grin

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