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Rollback RX™ - The “unOfishul” FAQ
TheRollbackFrog is an expert and a respected member on Wilders forum

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Edited and compiled by: TheRollbackFrog (Member, Wilders Security Forums) on 06Apr2015 (Updated04August2017)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Horizon DataSys’ RollBack Rx, a comprehensive Windows System Restore solution, is an extremely competent System protection application when all things are operating normally, but in no way is it to be considered a DATA backup solution. Due to its extremely sophisticated operating system integration, some of its DATA protection mechanisms actually may put your DATA at risk, primarily when using incompatible system management applications or while experiencing certain system failure modes.

The attached document attempts to accurately discuss the incompatible system management functions as well as system failure scenarios that can put your DATA at extreme risk. The main items discussed lie in the areas of disk and partition management, external access of Rollback protected disks and partitions, Microsoft Windows Update management and disk imaging and data backup of protected disks and partitions. Hopefully this paper will assist the user in better understanding the possible vulnerabilities of using RollBack Rx within a complete System environment.

PREFACE: The attached FAQ document below has been collected and created solely by TheRollbackFrog, an at large member of the WILDERS SECURITY FORUMS. Its intent and purpose is to educate users of the Horizon DataSys comprehensive Windows System Restore solution known as RollBack Rx. RollBack Rx is a trademark of Horizon DataSys located in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. All information contained in this FAQ was gathered from current and former knowledgeable users of RollBack Rx. No significant contributions to this document were solicited from or contributed by any employee of Horizon DataSys.

I would like to thank all those WILDERS SECURITY FORUMS members who provided input for the creation of this document. I sincerely hope its content will assist any current or future user of RollBack Rx in understanding the interactive relationship between the application itself and the Microsoft Windows Operating System that it supports.

Please feel free to offer any additional feedback that you feel could strengthen the content of the document and make it even more useful than originally intended... thank you!

04August2017Document update includes an addition to the FAQ Summary documenting the ability of version 10.7 and its deActivation capability to allow troublesome System maintenance operations to occur without the complete unInstallation of Rollback RX.

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