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Promo2day Social Media Invitation
Updated the Reddit link You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
when posting in reddit
in a title add (mm/dd/2018) {ww} to the end  of your title.ww equal worldwide,02/25/2018 equal to end time of giveaway
in A subreddit type giveaways so it will posted in proper section

look picture

[Image: screenshot2018-02-18001.1518980263.png]

for me show reposting it allowed after 48 hours but not sure other can do post it or not
so check other hope check it too Thumb
Thanks bazi for the screenshots. I'm still trying to learn about Reddit myself. 
[Image: mKDfuGy.png]

Mirillis announced our promotion
[Image: 2sX9YLs.png]

I announced the giveaway also.
More support for our social media is needed

I hope all our members follow and like our Promo2day account on social media:  Facebook, twitter, G+..

We will have more good offers and giveaways. You will also get all our news and giveaways
Sure you should help !!
Already following on Facebook! Smile Big Grin Thumb
It's nearly impossible to find promo2day on reddit. @Mike create a subreddit by clicking here.... 

[Image: DE5izZt.png]
That's the promo2day user profile. You can create a subreddit for promo2day and share the giveaway links there. And if enough people upvotes the giveaway posts, you could find a lot of reddit users signing up to promo2day. Reddit is a very huge and active community.

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