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What you say?
(11-11-2017 , 09:15 PM)dinosaur07 Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.My opinion is that rules should be mandatory and everyone have to obey, organisers and users. If someone breaks one he should be first warned and then if not correcting the attitude then another, drastic this time, measure can be applied.
Generally, changing the rules during the game is unfair and that some rules apply only sometimes or only to someone specific based on someone`s will is unfair also.
Not respecting the rules means not respecting ourselves.
@ YK: here @P2D regarding the giveaways, official or personal, we are at the organisers` will so they will decide what to do and we have only two options: to obey or to not join them.

P.S: I voted Yes in the poll.

Your reply dino is not with your voting!!
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dino, Thank you for the post!

I totally agree, except "we should be at the organisers will.."

"we shouldn't be at anyone's will".. there is no place for a "King" here.. its a forum for EVERYONE!

Whats the use of the "Rules" in the giveaway if the Organizer himself don't follow the rules?

I have organized an official "VoodooShield" giveaway here.
If I do another official VoodooShield giveaway & mention the rules.. VPN use or duplicate IP not allowed.
And on the results day, I disqualify few users & give the reasons.. VPN use or duplicate IP was detected in my PREVIOUS VoodooShield giveaway (as per Cool's logic), would it be fair with the users?
Hi friends,

I am leaving the forum today.

I was in talks with Admins in PM for my account closure.
Admins discussed & decided to avoid closing members accounts as it cause many problems.

Its been a wonderful journey but unfortunately came to an end.
I will miss Promo2day & fun & everything here.
Quite a few friends, & nice people here, will talk to you guys in other forums.

Again, my issue was with Technical Admin Cool only & not with Promo2day or Staff.

Thank you for your participation & opinion on the issue.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you
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The P2D Doors is always open for you my friend and for all Smile

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