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Israeli Spies Hacked Kaspersky, Discovered Tools Stolen from the US NSA
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.       Israeli Spies Hacked Kaspersky, Discovered Tools Stolen from the US NSA
New evidence of possible collaboration with Russia
Oct 11, 2017 07:56 GMT  ·  By Bogdan Popa  ·  Share:

Israeli hackers who managed to break into the systems owned by Russian-based security vendor Kaspersky discovered hacking tools that were stolen from the NSA, according to reports that were published by The New York Times and The Washington Post.

The Israeli officials then alerted intelligence agencies in the United States of a potential breach of their network, indicating a possible collaboration between Kaspersky and the Russian government.

US officials, including the US National Intelligence Council, has already informed NATO allies that Kaspersky customer database and source code might have been exposed due to a collaboration with Russia’s intelligence agencies, which could have allowed Russian hackers to launch attacks in both Europe and the United States.

Kaspersky, however, says that it’s not collaborating with Russia or any other government, also adding that it’s not aware of any breach following attacks launched by Israeli hackers.

“Kaspersky Lab has never helped, nor will help, any government in the world with its cyberespionage efforts,” the Russian security vendor said. “As a private company, Kaspersky Lab does not have inappropriate ties to any government, including Russia, and the only conclusion seems to be that Kaspersky Lab is caught in the middle of a geopolitical fight,” a spokeswoman added.
"Kaspersky software running on hacked computers"

The United States government banned Kaspersky software on computers used by its agencies and according to people close to the matter, the FBI is currently briefing public and private companies on the security risks created by software developed by the Russian firm.

Several retail stores, including Best Buy, have already stopped selling Kaspersky software, also launching support services to remove the antivirus from customers’ computers and install a different solution.

According to the newspapers, the investigation started by the US government revealed that Russian hackers managed to steal classified documents from the NSA using access to Kaspersky software, including files stored on home computers of at least one official. Kaspersky security products were running on his home system as well.

At the time of publishing this article, none of the involved parties, including the NSA, the White House, and the Israeli Embassy, commented on these reports.   Sick Oh no Eek Cry Faint Shock 2 Shock 3

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