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Best Windows File Manager
There are many good file managers available for use on your windows system

For example:

1. XYplorer

2. Directory Opus

3. fman

4. Total Commander

5. Explorer++

6. Altap Salamander

7. TagSpaces

8. Tabbles

Please reply if you are using file manager and which type you prefer (and if you have experience; why you choose this type)
will for normal work i use windows explorer
but for arranging moving deleting and when need accessing multiple folder in one window i use JustManager. it dont use so much memory also
its portable and view can be customized
but my prefer program is XYplorer which best one in this category
order of my choice
1. XYplorer
1. JustManager
1. Explorer++
1. Directory Opus
Q-Dir portable
Currently using Directory Opus Light(paid, tabbed folders, tree view, 2 panels, many options) and Multicommander(2 panels, free and constantly updated) Wink
Currently in use and the best 
Opus Directory Pro
Habit, most refined and appearance

I support myself since 
XYplorer and Total Commander

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