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[Image: Xj3NyBCZQ7KXdZAmU_oKig.png]
[Image: dCnrIzS9RpyuJgDCbmW3Zw.png]

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. is a seedbox service which helps to download torrent content directly to online cloud storage at fast blazing speed without having to leech your local internet bandwidth. Sonic SeedBox download torrent with their dedicated remote server and store the completed file to cloud storage for user to access easily later on which can be done easily only with a web browser even in mobile devices!

What is a Seedbox?

Quote:Seedboxes generally make use of the BitTorrent protocol for uploading and downloading torrents, although they have also been used on the eDonkey2000 network. Seedboxes are usually connected to a high-speed network, often with a throughput of 100 Mbit/s or even 1 Gbit/s. Some providers are testing and offering 10 Gbit/s shared servers, while others are developing other systems that will allow users to scale their needs on the fly. Files are downloaded from the torrent site and its users, and from there they can be downloaded at high speeds to a user's personal computer via the HTTP, FTP, SFTP, or rsync protocols. This allows for anonymity and, usually, removes the need to worry about ratio. Seedboxes can run on most major operating systems (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X). More expensive seedboxes may provide VNC connection, or remote desktop protocol on some Windows-based seedboxes, allowing many popular clients to be run remotely. Other seedboxes are special-purpose and run a variety of torrent-specific software including web interfaces of popular clients like Transmission, rTorrent, Deluge, and μTorrent, as well as the TorrentFlux web interface clients. Mobile interface support is also offered by clients such as Transmission.

You can read more about seedbox from the You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. here.


- Easy access with any web browser as the service doesn't require any third party software to works.
- FTP access of files (Premium user only) for user who wish to manage or upload any file to the cloud with software such as Filezilla.
- Custom cloud service whereas the storage size depend on the plan available. Free user is provided with a generous 4 GB cloud storage.
- Unlimited download and upload speed. Free user are limited to 10 MB/s download speed.
- No limit is set to torrent size allowed as the only factor that determine it is the current storage left available to store downloaded file to the cloud.
- Download file from cloud in zip to save bandwidth with download manager supported. Free user are allow to download individual file only.
- Download file securely and anonymously with the SSL encrypted connection.
- Supported video and audio files can be stream directly upon download completion.
- Seeding of file is at 3:1 ratio at minimum. Seeding is not available for free plan user
- Support both public and private tracker

Account Dashboard

[Image: JBhKPOMaQNKoCfnlsUKUPw.png]

The main dashboard provide a detailed overview of account status such as amount of storage size available and so on. FTP login detail can also be obtained from the dashboard.

Adding File

[Image: mhgrOHj.png]

To start a download simply click on the "+" icon located on the bottom right side of dashboard. You can choose to either insert magnet link or to upload a torrent file from local disk.

[Image: _TiWT3a4SGWzXVu7AXuAfQ.png]

Click on go to start upload and download will be started immediately after uploading is completed.

[Image: 1b_40YtpSqmrJ7yMG0QBjA.png]

The progress and status of added torrent file is available directly from the dashboard. Useful data and stat such as seeding status, file type (Public or Private), download speed and etc. can be seen just right below the file added.

Downloading Files

[Image: jCWKfHgbT8CKGWnTxzNlkw.png]

Click on the file and you will be presented with a pop up which you can execute certain command such as to download as zip (again only for paid user) or even to stream the video file.

Video Streaming // Teather

[Image: FtpebEDQRVKkNcJnE26I-g.png]

Supported video file and audio file can also be preview with the build-in video player directly.


[Image: 9hJrznwhTyqazCqrNciNeg.png]

Sonic.SeedBox allow user to access and manage the file via their FTP server. You can do it either with FTP software or even within web browser as seen in the image above.


- Free

[Image: MN-PHH93RYqgN4z0txfy8Q.png]
[Image: m944UiyQTOqNzIcOH063tw.png]

- Premium

[Image: OnjXZRT.png]
[Image: Wu2GSobMRgG_nrGc2o3VJQ.png]

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. are varies depend on the cloud storage needed from

1. $2.15 for 20 GB cloud storage (Rookie)
2. $3.95 50 for GB cloud storage (Beginner)
3. $5.95 for 100 GB cloud storage (Basic)
4. $10.95 for 350 GB cloud storage (Premium)
5. $14.95 for 500 GB cloud storage (Professional)

There are various of payment medium available which includes PayPal, Bitcoins, Web Money, and tons of other local payment



- Price is reasonable and relatively cheap in comparison to other seedbox service.
- Unlimited seeding and downloads
- Flexible plan to suit different user
- Available to free user with restriction
- Fast server (2GB file torrent completed instantly while testing. Note that result varies depending on the total seeder of specific torrent)
- Sleek dashboard interface that provide detailed information
- Huge list of payment medium available


- Build-in player is quite buggy and it does not support subtitle.
- Would prefer to be able to stream video with local player such as VLC
thanks for informative review Heart Heart
It's nice. I used them last year, but speed was not good for Free user, so stopped.
Thanks for the review Cool.

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