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Wondershare Filmora: Video Editing Simplified
[Image: akE0Qvu.png]

Wondershare Filmora is an easy to use, professional software that allows you to create and edit amazing videos using a wide range of powerful editing tools. You will get amazing results regardless of your skill level. You will be able to create a quality video that you can share with your family, friends or even on the web. The program has many features, tools and effects that simplify the process and help you to have professional looking videos. The program supports a lot of formats.  You can work at 3D videos and 4K resolution or higher. Your videos can be exported to the web or to other devices in a flexible simplified way. In addition, you can burn DVDs and record your PC screen. You will have a powerful and intuitive video editing experience.


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System requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 7, 8 and 10 (64 bit recommended)
Processor: Intel or AMD processor, 2GHz or above
RAM: At least 2GB physical RAM (8GB required for HD and 4K videos)


The free trial installer can be obtained from the official website. Use this direct link to download:

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This is very easy and doesn’t need any experience or skills. Simply double click on the installer and follow the on-screen steps till the program is installed on your computer.

[Image: mTPwVaX.png]

[Image: kQg7euG.png]

[Image: t1BeSnI.png]

[Image: 5nlXMHR.png]

[Image: UhKToej.png]

[Image: PdzA23f.png]

[Image: yc3TlBS.png]

The trial version limitations:

 The free trial is fully functional in the same way as the paid version with the exception that there is a watermark in the new output files. After you purchase the full version, you can easily remove the watermark done using the trial version.

[Image: 8gAxWpG.png]

[Image: qllKFYs.png]

Remove the watermark:


This can be done on the official website with many options available for you according to your needs

[Image: 8NCtPJL.png]


Click the register button while connected online. Use the licenses email used during purchase and the license code sent to you.

[Image: OaTAgqW.png]

User Interface:

The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. It consists of four main parts; media library, preview window, toolbar and timeline/storyboard. There is an upper toolbar above the media library including 4 buttons; file, edit, export and help. The register button will let you complete registration of your program.

[Image: WQd2ehc.png]

[Image: TgYWcgk.jpg]

[Image: rDZulTR.png]

[Image: PQyBoMj.png]

[Image: CzZS6ws.png]

Media Library:

The media library includes all your media, such as video clips, photos, and music. It also houses transitions, effects, and a variety of other media assets you will need in your projects. The preview Window lets you see preview of the current video and effects. The toolbar provides easy access to many editing commands. For example; view, zoom in and out on the Timeline and many more. The timeline or storyboard lets you assemble the media clips for your video project.

[Image: mzyGQWR.png]

You can use the program tools to filter the media files easily according to the type, for example video, music and so on. You can also search for a specific media file.
You can also sort and rank the files according to its Name, Duration, Date Created, Ascending or Descending.

[Image: lNXI9ul.jpg]

Message center:

You will get tutorials, notifications, hints and many more through the message center. This will offer you more information and knowledge about your software

[Image: XnZkSGc.png]



[Image: Lygip34.png]


[Image: 3RxSVSq.png]


[Image: 7HuDzN3.png]


[Image: kl2ddLA.png]


Easily create your videos
Over 300 new effects
Modern easy to Use interface
Many video editing features
Support many formats
Multilingual support
Filters and overlays
Text and titles
Motion elements drag and drop moving graphics into your video
Many advanced features
Record PC screen
Support action camera videos
Support 4K resolution
Many video export options

The basics:

[Image: zgf5lua.png]

The advanced tools:

[Image: oFcQykm.png]
[Image: tP4RzQv.png]

What is new?

Applied new preview render mechanism, made it possible to render the timeline for smoother playback.
Extended GPU encoding acceleration support to newer generation graphic cards.
Added new transitions that fits for creating photo slideshows.
Optimized photo motion (animation) for photo slideshow users.
Added new sound effects
Added basic text effects

To check all new features; visit this page:

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The program can be adjusted to automatically check for updates using the settings option or you can manually check for updates at any time using the help menu

[Image: ROjY5e7.png]

Supported Input Formats

 [Image: gG2OFLJ.png]

Supported Output Formats

 [Image: Agyy77x.png]

Video editing modes:

Wondershare Filmora has 2 different video editing modes; Easy Mode and Full Feature Mode

Easy Mode:

Easy Mode lets you easily create your own movie by providing various built-in themes. Simply import photos/video clips, choose a theme, add music and you're done.

[Image: I0Xo1H9.png]

Full Feature Mode:

Full Feature Mode comes with all the fully-customizable editing features to edit clips, arrange scenes, and add all the effects you want to your movie

Filmora offers the Action Cam Tool and Instant Cutter options for extreme sport lovers.

[Image: UEWQbTr.png]

Start of a new project:

You can start a new project easily using file menu, create a new project. First step you need to do when starting a new project is to select the right aspect ratio for your video display (4:3 or 16:9). Next select either the easy or the full mode. You can now import media files or even the whole folder using file menu options. Finally start editing your video, and after you finish, export your video. Of course you can save your project at any time. Later, you can launch it again using the saved file

Now let’s discuss in details the main features and uses of the program:

Edit video: After all the media files have been imported, you can now easily edit them in your video project. There are many options and features available for you. You can edit the sequences by arranging clips in the order you want them to appear in your movie. In addition, you can also "clean up" your video footage, edit out the unwanted parts and keep only the best to be present in your movie.
You can also do many edit features such as trim, rotate, split, crop, join, enhance, copy and paste, delete, enhance, resize, zoom in and out, change playback speed, add watermark or logo, rearrange playback order, and many more.

[Image: Er6mxVX.png]

[Image: ICXXdj7.png]

Edit audio: You can edit the audio clips in the timeline according to what you need. You can split, adjust, mute, detach audio files. The original clips are preserved. You can also add background music, add voiceover, trim audio file, add music overlays, fade in and out music, audio denoise and mixer and many more

Images are a great way to tell a story and to have a professional unique look. In Filmora, adding, managing and editing your image is very easy. The program has built-in editing features and dozens of filters and overlays effects that will help to enhance your images. It will be very easy for you to add images and combine them with the videos for your movie. You can also edit Image, add Image to the video Track, adjust contrast, saturation, brightness, hue, rotation and many more

Text and titles: Wondershare Filmora lets you easily and quickly create beautiful-looking text and titles. You can design animated text effects such as headings and dialog balloons. In addition, you can add captions, intro and credit. Many tools are available, for example; add or remove text effect, favorite text effect, add multiple text tracks, apply opener and end credit, add plain text, add customized font, save custom text as preset and many other advanced settings

[Image: 9M69ZNo.png]

Filters and Overlays: if you want to have more creative options for your movie, you can use many built-in tools available in filters and overlays. It will help you to have professional movies in quick easy way. For example, you can add frames to your video and superimpose clips over background clips. There are also many elements and transition effects to be added to your project.

[Image: 6el2gW2.png]

[Image: 5XIk3Jn.png]

[Image: lTaSMA5.png]

[Image: Gdchj1B.png]

The program has many advanced features and tools. These will help you to be more creative and edit your videos and images as a professional. These include advanced color tuning, pan & zoom, stabilize video, play videos in reverse, split screen, green screen, overlays, record PC screen, power tool, scene detection and video snapshot.

[Image: MoOH93p.png]

[Image: QDVJhUR.png]

[Image: GP15xvV.png]

Color tuning feature allows you to correct color and make creative image and video adjustments. Two sections are available including presets and adjust. Application of pan and zoom effect to your video or image make it slowly zoom in on the subjects of interest. You can pan from one subject to another. You can also use the program built-in record button to record videos using the webcam or record the computer screen. In addition, you can record the voice over.

[Image: yvIZAdD.jpg]

[Image: UXjVd7W.png]

[Image: 28b2jTW.png]

Video overlays enables you to simultaneously display two or more video clips on the screen. Scene detection is a built-in feature that automatically split a movie into basic temporal segments. This is done with the help of the transitions between shots. You don't need to edit your video frame by frame, this will greatly facilitate your job

The program has an instant cutter tool. This lets you easily edit video files in format of H.264 MP4/MOV or H.264 MTS/M2TS, You can make a quick trimming and merging without re-encoding.

[Image: oJi4DaJ.png]

The program has many features and tools under “Action Cam Tool”. This is especially designed for action cam users.  it offers many options and tools that will help you fix and edit your high-resolution videos easily and quickly. For example; video stabilization, fisheye correction, speed adjustment, and color correction.

[Image: ILLLts9.png]

[Image: XGQZR7I.png]

[Image: bD6JD28.png]

The speed tab allows users to speed up or slow down selected segment. Also, you can replay and reverse the segments to make your video more interesting.

The color tab let you easily adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and more on your videos. In addition, you can apply the 3D LUT effect to map the classic color space to your video clips

After you complete all edit you want on your videos, now you can export videos. Many export options available for you to suite your needs. You can export by format, device, burn to DVD or upload directly to the web for example, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and so on.
The program supports the use of keyboard shortcuts.
Program settings:

[Image: ZLIUDEp.png] 


Easy to use video editor
Over 300 hundred video effects
Support Action cams
Easy and full modes available
Friendly user interface
Many export options available
Support many formats
Record PC screen
Support 4K resolution
And many more




Wondershare Filmora is a comprehensive software solution that will let you create and edit professional looking videos. It will help you with many tools and features available. The reasonable price makes it good choice for you. You will enjoy intuitive video edit experience
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