Connectify Hotspot MAX 5 Lifetime License Giveaway
Thanks a lot WKR, congratulations to the other winners

What will you need? name, email....?
Thanks given by: baziroll , dhruv2193
Ok, yes, sorry  Big Grin Nothing needed. Just pm me hii and I will give u a link with discount coupon applied 100% which will directly take u to the purchase page where u can do the purchase urself and fill all your details there yourself Smile
Thanks given by: baziroll , sterchin
congratulations goes to 5 lucky winner Ang,tarekma7,MIB,aarocoo,Geo Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart
Thanks given by: whizkidraj , dhruv2193 , Geo
As I like to know everything about my Licenses, so here are the License details.

License type:- Lifetime (with free supported upgrades forever)

How many PC License? :- 1PC License each.

Connectify Wrote:Each Connectify license I sent you is good for 1 PC. We also have licenses for 3 PCs in our online store, if your audience is interested in purchasing those.

Again, I wanna thank Connectify and all our members who participated in this giveaway. Maybe in future, let's try this again for 3PCs Wink
Congratulations to the winners! Big Grin Thank you whiz! Looking forward for your another lifetime giveaway Rolleyes
Thanks given by: Mohammad , dhruv2193 , Geo
Congratulations to the winners.
Thanks given by: dhruv2193
Congratulations to the winners!
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Congrats Winners Smile
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