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I just wanted to know what happens in case a user backups the whole image or partition using a backup software? 
Can the user restore the exact windows settings, files etc. on a similar hardware by just selecting the backed up partition or image?
I couldn't understand what you mean by that?

You want to say you created backup and want to restore on other system which hardware is similar which you backed up ?
Yes, in that case i wanted to know is it true that you can restore the whole windows.
Oh thanks I understood  Big Grin

Yes the restore will as it as your backup system, but better process is clone, just select clone system and when you will restore it will be as it is like you're seeing your face in mirror without invert your face.


But one problem you could be face one problem with some software who has some restriction with hardware base license.

Iike MBAM, and many like it.
Thanks, i am clear now!!!!!

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