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Macrium Reflect version 7.
Bug Fixes v7.1.2817 - 8th January 2018:
  • No drive letters assigned for cloned/restored partitions
    Cloning and restoring multiple consecutive partitions could result in volumes without drive letters assigned. This has been resolved.

  • Free edition installed on Windows XP
    An installer error during the finalise phase could cause a Windows boot failure; resolvable by taking the "Last Known Good Configuration" option. This has been resolved.

Bug Fixes v7.1.2801 - 28th December 2017:
  • Symantec Encryption Desktop drives cloning and imaging
    Cloning and imaging of locked drives encrypted with Symantec Encryption Desktop could fail. This has been resolved.

    Please note that we recommend using MS BitLocker encryption where possible. Other encryption products are not fully supported by Macrium Reflect.

  • RDC and RDR fall back to full copy
    Rapid Delta Restore and Clone operations could unnecessarily fall back to performing a 'full copy'. This has been resolved.
    We recommend creating fresh Windows PE rescue media after updating to avoid this problem.

  • BitLocker Removal Restore outcome message
    When editing a saved clone definition for a 'Live' BitLocker clone a BitLocker 'Removal' message box would incorrectly be shown. This has been resolved.

Bug Fixes v7.1.2963 - 17th March 2018
  • Windows 7/10 32 Bit BSOD when booting
    A Windows Update on the 13th March has caused some Windows 7 and 10 32 bit systems to fail to load Windows after updating. The error occurs when kernel mode driver 'pssnap.sys' loads at boot time. This update removes 'pssnap.sys' from boot time configuration. Note: Simply deleting the file is insufficient to resolve the problem.
    We recommend that 32 bit installations of Macrium Reflect on XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 7, 32 bit operating systems update to this release.
    If you have already updated Windows and experience this error then please see this KB article for a solution:
    You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
    If you have not yet updated Windows then please update to this version of Macrium Reflect to enable Windows to update without problems.
    After updating, XP, Vista and Windows 7 32 bit systems, will no longer have 'pssnap.sys' available. If MS VSS shadow copies fail, then your backups will no-longer fall back to using 'pssnap'. Please ensure that any VSS errors are resolved to successfully complete your backups.

Bug Fixes v7.1.2917 - 27th February 2018
  • Rescue media crash at boot
    The rescue media could fail to boot and cause a run time error. This has been resolved.
    We recommend creating fresh Windows PE rescue media after updating.

What's New v7.1.2899 - 21st February 2018
  • mrcbt.sys Update
    The Macrium Changed Block Tracker driver mrcbt.sys has been updated to comply with the new kernel mode driver requirements for the Insider Preview and subsequent public release of Windows 10.
    This resolves the problem discussed here:
    You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

  • New command line parameter '-noconsole'
    A new parameter is available in the command line, -noconsole, that enables redirection of stdout and stderr.
    Please see here for more information:
    You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

What's New v7.1.3147 - 17th April 2018
  • Macrium Image Guardian
    The Macrium Image Guardian system components have been updated to provide enhanced performance and reliability.

  • Backup definition encryption state change mid backup set
    Macrium Reflect will now start a new backup set if the encryption settings in a Backup Definition is changed.

Bug Fixes
  • Technicians Portable USB Add Drivers
    The Add Drivers Wizard in the technicians portable USB stick could fail to detect the correct version of Windows PE when reporting supported devices. This has been resolved

  • File and Folder Restore toast notifications
    When restoring File and Folder backups, incorrect toast notifications could be displayed. This has been resolved

  • SQL backup error if the Computer DNS name is greater than 15 characters
    For SQL backup, if the default SQL instance name was used and the Computer DNS name didn't match the Computer NetBios name then the backup could fail. This has been resolved

  • ReflectMonitor
    Pressing the 'Escape' key while viewing ReflectMonitor would cause termination of the ReflectMonitor session. This would cause a delay when restarting and possible loss of log data in the monitor Window. This has been resolved

  • Various
    Various bug fixes and changes to improve Macrium Reflect.

Bug Fixes v7.1.3159 - 18th April 2018

Macrium Image Guardian
Driver file 'mrigflt.sys' was incorrectly signed in the previous update. This has been resolved.
Bug Fixes v7.1.3196 - 3rd May 2018

Incremental & Differential Image Corruption
Incremental and Differential images created since 17th April using Macrium Reflect v7.1.3147, 3159 or 3169 could be corrupt if the Changed Block Tracker (CBT) driver was involved in the Image creation. 
This has been resolved.

Important: Please see You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. for more information on this bug.
Macrium Reflect v7.1.3303 - 2nd July 2018

SQL Backup failure if TLS 1.0 is disabled
SQL DB authentication would fail if TLS 1.0 was disabled and TLS 1.2 enabled. This has been resolved.
Clone and restore error message improvements
When a clone or restore failed the error messages could display incorrect or cryptic error text. Typically you may have seen 'Access Denied' for a failure, however the true cause of the problem would likely have been different. The error text now displays the initial and correct reason for the failure.
MIG installation
Macrium Image Guardian could turn off after a reboot if installed for a single user as opposed to the default 'All Users'. This has been resolved.

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