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Macrium Reflect version 7.
Bug Fixes v7.1.2817 - 8th January 2018:
  • No drive letters assigned for cloned/restored partitions
    Cloning and restoring multiple consecutive partitions could result in volumes without drive letters assigned. This has been resolved.

  • Free edition installed on Windows XP
    An installer error during the finalise phase could cause a Windows boot failure; resolvable by taking the "Last Known Good Configuration" option. This has been resolved.

Bug Fixes v7.1.2801 - 28th December 2017:
  • Symantec Encryption Desktop drives cloning and imaging
    Cloning and imaging of locked drives encrypted with Symantec Encryption Desktop could fail. This has been resolved.

    Please note that we recommend using MS BitLocker encryption where possible. Other encryption products are not fully supported by Macrium Reflect.

  • RDC and RDR fall back to full copy
    Rapid Delta Restore and Clone operations could unnecessarily fall back to performing a 'full copy'. This has been resolved.
    We recommend creating fresh Windows PE rescue media after updating to avoid this problem.

  • BitLocker Removal Restore outcome message
    When editing a saved clone definition for a 'Live' BitLocker clone a BitLocker 'Removal' message box would incorrectly be shown. This has been resolved.

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