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Malwarebytes 3.0 Review

Malwarebytes 3.0 is a multi-feature and next-gen security suite to keep your system safe from all types of threats. With the release of Malwarebytes 3.0, Malwarebytes has incorporated all of its security arsenal into a single powerful product.

Features of Malwarebytes 3.0:

Protection from advanced and recent threats automatically
Less dependency on the signature database for threat detection
Anti-exploit to shield programs from vulnerable attacks
Protect from fake and malicious websites
Application hardening, to make them more resilient against attacks
Application Behaviour Enforcement, an advanced and signature-less technology which prevents common infection vectors
Ransomware Protection with proprietary next-gen technology
Scheduled automatic scanning for threats
Lightning fast Hyper Scan mode
Fully compatible for all other AV suites (can run as Primary AV or as secondary)


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File Size: 51.6 MB
Installer Version (Latest): Version
Type: Free Version / Premium Version (Trial for 14 days)
Price: $39.99 (1 year) / $59.99 (2 years)


Malwarebytes is an advanced protection security aimed at providing a powerful shield to your system from the advanced and recent threats which are not easily detected by conventional signature based AV system. The integration of all pioneered technologies of Malwarebytes Anti-malware with Web Protection, Anti-Exploit and Anti-ransomware make the Malwarebytes 3.0 a complete featured program to keep you safe. The more exciting feature of Malwarebytes 3.0 is that it can be used as a complete protection suite or as a companion scanner along with your main AV since Malwarebytes 3.0 is compatible with most of the Anti-Virus programs.

Now starting with the installation of Malwarebytes 3.0, the setup ask for only few user interruptions and within a matter of seconds it will get installed.
The main dashboard of the Malwarebytes 3.0 is now more organised and attractive. It is divided in to three parts Left side as Menu Pane, Middle side as Status/Option Pane and Right side portion as Detail Pane. With the status details of the program modules and scanning status along with the protection history on the right side pane and protection status in middle makes the new UI more pleasing and user-friendly.

[Image: ProhZqL.png]

If there is some issue with the modules monitored then the middle protection status pane changes along with the risk module info in right side pane.

[Image: rZLDTCh.png]

If you are a premium user and have bought licence for Malwarebytes then you can activate it by going to MyAccount section (right side button in Blue color Malwarebytes top section pane).
Malwarebytes support three different types of scanning mode for your system,

[Image: Ya3flaw.png]

Threat Scan: - In this scan mode, Malwarebytes 3.0 searches for the threats in most common places where, in general, most of the threats hide itself or launch point. This scanning mode includes scanning of Memory Objects, Start-up objects, Registry Objects, File System Objects, Heuristic Analysis. This scan type is generally used in daily scanning task.

Custom Scan: - A custom scan allows you to scan according to specifications which you define at the time of the scan. These settings will override scan settings defined elsewhere. You can choose what type of objects to scan and in which memory locations or space. Also how to treat PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) or PUM (Potentially Unwanted Modification).

[Image: XZwyueE.png]

Hyper Scan: - Only Available for Premium users of Malwarebytes 3.0, it is the faster way to scan for recent or immediate threats. It scans in the Memory objects, Start-up objects and do the heuristic analysis for the above areas files.

After choosing the scan type, it starts the scan progress with interactive progress bar which animate and green highlight the current scanning area/method and static green icon shows complete scan for that area/method. Along with progress bar, it also shows current scanning file and total scanned files as well as total threats detected in the current scan task.

[Image: x1HjlIH.png]

After the successful completion of scan, the summary window shows the details of detected threats and required user intervention to either quarantine (or clean) the threats or leave them in the location without clean (risky).

[Image: yCCSYgU.png]

After the successful clean-up you can export the scan summary or see the detailed analysis of the scan.

[Image: OBU0aJn.png]

Now since Malwarebytes doesn’t depend much on the signature database, and depends on the machine learning algorithms for unknown threat detection. And, nothing in world is 100% accurate, thus sometimes it may quarantine safe file as threat. So to restore the file quarantine by Malwarebytes after detection, we can do so from Quarantine menu.

[Image: 6CnmoCv.png]

With the completion of each scan task, Malwarebytes generate a summary report of that scan and save it temporary which we can access from Reports menu.

[Image: XJKVR8f.png]

Now coming to the settings section, the most important and useful part in any antivirus suite which helps in customising it according to the users need and requirements.

The “Settings” menu have 6 tabs

1.      Application Settings: In short, this tab comprises of Settings that affect Malwarebytes, as well as how it coexists with Windows.

[Image: J5LmN3r.png]
Application Updates - Toggle switches which allow you to choose whether either or both upgrade modes can be integrated into your copy of Malwarebytes when they are available.
Notifications – Customised how to deliver notification message to user.
UAC – Enabling UAC allows you to protect Malwarebytes settings to be modified by external entity in any form. This slider allows users of Malwarebytes to restrict access to various features and functions in Malwarebytes 3.0 with password protection. The Edit User Access button is only visible when the slider is in the “On” position, allowing the user to define sections of the program which require a password to access. Then, set the password and Features to protect with password protection.
Windows Action Center – Register Malwarebytes as a primary security suite and telling windows center that security suite is installed on PC.
2.      Protection Settings: Her, you get the tweaking capabilities of How Malwarebytes should protect you during scans and (for Premium/Trial mode users only) Real-Time Protection.
[Image: 6OkN12K.png]
RealTime protection Protect the system from all types of threats by monitoring the system in realtime with the selected and toggled “ON” modules.
Here, button “Manage Protected applications” allows you to check and toggle the desired application to be protected by Anti-exploit suite. If the application executable is not present in the list then you can manually select the desired executable to the list by clicking “ADD”. Remember to choose the correct program type as for each type, the rules and target types are different thus application may not behave normally.

[Image: CyHnD5u.png]
“Advanced Settings” allows you to configure the anti-exploit shield settings to give you more control and advanced protection according to the system environment and needs.
[Image: IF4UqlC.png]
[Image: VHz09KA.png]
[Image: BdTJaQG.png]
[Image: sUT5iW7.png]
3.      Scan Schedule: Customise when Malwarebytes should execute scans and check for protection updates. This setting is functional only for users of Premium/Trial mode.
[Image: b5zxa6W.png]
To add a schedule task for scanning, click add. Now from the pop-up window select the Scan type, scan frequency and how to process threats.
[Image: HS2xskQ.png]
4.      Exclusions: Add Items which will be excluded from testing which detects malware, as well as websites which are categorized as malicious but specifically approved by the user.
[Image: ONSUBMX.png]
To add an exclusion to the list simply click add then select the desired type of exclusion.
“Exclude a folder/file” – To exclude the file or folder, select the desired file or folder and choose which Malwarebytes modules (Anti-malware or anti-ransomware or both) should exclude it from scanning.
[Image: VWOgG5f.png]
“Exclude Website” – To exclude a website from being blocked by Malwarebytes for future request add the desired domain or URL or IP Address here
[Image: HwIKqSn.png]
“Exclude an application that connects to internet” – To add trusted program that should not be blocked by real-time protection from accessing the internet.
[Image: z2zd22c.png]
“Exclude a previously detected Exploit” –  Exclude the exploit detected for a program from being blocked again
[Image: QZ6u6a1.png]
5.      My Account: Access the information pertaining to the status of your subscription.
[Image: nqBxtLj.png]
6.      About: Get version numbers corresponding to Malwarebytes as a whole, and for various components of the program which may be updated individually. Malwarebytes resources are also listed on this page.

[Image: P4ZYiCg.png]
Some of the notification pop-up shown by Malwarebytes 3.0 are

Database Update Required -

[Image: 13hLxhZ.png]

Product Update Required -

[Image: 14w8KGj.png]

Malware Blocked -

[Image: ZKMUgXA.png]

Malware Quarantined -

[Image: 1R3SKJ1.png]

Scan complete and threats detected in scan -

[Image: yf03Cqs.png]

Scan complete and no threat detected - 

[Image: RT4I0Go.png]

To scan any file, folder or drive or storage device simple right click on the desired target and from the context menu select Scan with Malwarebytes

[Image: 7DyJtf3.png]

From the system icon, you can access Malwarebytes protection modules status and change them without opening window.

[Image: QV6DWYW.png]

Final Verdict: - In today’s online world, where advanced and complex threats are evolving daily and most anti-virus relying on signatures, Malwarebytes is a best choice which incorporate its advanced protection modules. Malwarebytes is capable of replacing your AV suite now with its powerful protection which is more enhanced by its proactive signatures.
thanks for the good informative review and nice watermark
Thanks for the review.
What a perfect review!  Excellent material for an exhaustive overview of such a good software! Smile
thanks for very professional review Heart
That's i call perfect review,

I like that water mark, copyrights only for P2D. Smile

Really good work gdant and thanks for your review. Smile
Thank you for the very good review.  Thumb
All is good with Malwarebytes 3.0 but what is not good is the license activation problem that I have been struggling with since last 1 month. I had to switch back to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

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I have been in touch with their support team but still no resolution. Hope to see a version with the resolved bug sooner.

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Thanks for you job and nice review!

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