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What is the video editor you are using?
There are many software with video editing features. If you are interested in video editors, then please reply here about; what is the software you are using?

Pros and Cons of this software. If you have experience in other video editor apps
I use Camtasia Studio version 8. Version 9 not easy to work with. Recording, editing, audio volume increase/ decrease, seperate audio from video and save as mp3...Almost everything I want for daily use, I can find in this software.
Of course there are more advanced softwares, so that's where Camtasia might lack for some people. To me, it's installation size is more than 750mb for version 8 and over 1 gb for version 9, so I wanted more features, animations included for the size...
It's just like how Linux users feel superior coz they type all the commands in terminal. They think they know deep about the inner working...more advanced... and Windows users are losers. Just click click, next, next..
So Camtasia would be like Windows for advanced video editing software users.
Sony Vegas is my favorite video editing software, professional and powerful, but it's a little bit expensive. For someone who are new to video edting, I'd recommend Acethinker Video Master, not powerful as Sony vegas, but well worth the money.

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