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AppGuard Review
Name of Software Product: AppGuard

[Image: 618d222ff6.png]

AppGuard is the next generation of comprehensive malware protection. It stops zero-day malware - old and new, known and unknown - from executing an attack. AppGuard is developed by Blue Ridge Networks using patented cyber security technology, AppGuard provides advanced protection without scanning and updates. It fasts isolates and contains malicious code, allowing users to safely work, bank, shop and surf online. AppGuard effectively mitigate critical persistent risk of harmful breaches. AppGuard completes this protection with the unique, patented isolation and management methods.

AppGuard has three type of products to protect your system You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view., You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view., and You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

Developer: Blue Ridge Networks

Developer URL: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

AppGuard Personal:
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

Current version: 5-2-9-1

Price: AppGuard Personal costs $29.95 Yearly
(Licenses for AppGuard Personal are renewed on a yearly basis).

Trial: An AppGuard trial is no longer available. If you wish to use AppGuard, then it must be purchased at the You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

1)    The convenience of the User interface is great
2)    Smooth, quick installation
3)    Compatible with all current Windows operating systems
4)   Works in parallel with installed other antivirus softwares and system tools
5)   AppGuard doesn't slow the computer and works in flawlessly
6)   Blocks viruses, zero-day malware, and various undetectable threats.
7)   Use USB Flash Drives with AppGuard Guarded Protection.
8)   Search and Surf Internet Safely
9)   Run old Software Programs
10)  Change AppGuard Protection to Install Programs

Many common actions require user to lower security level. But that is the beauty of the program that it is provides robust protection.
Some more than basic computer software knowledge is required for taking full advantage of the program which can be learned with some help from others.

AppGuard offers comprehensive computer system security safeguard. AppGuard blocks drive-by download attacks from operating, and is very effective in blocking phishing attacks, data theft, ID theft, and many other types of routine risks. AppGuard protects from Computer Systems by Zero-day and unknown malware defense, Drive-by Download Protection, Application Containment/Guarded Execution, MemoryGuard, InstallGuard, Privacy Mode, Pre-Execution Controls and Run-time Protections.

AppGuard contains many number of protections:
• Zero-day and unknown malware defence.
• Drive-by Download Protection.  
• Application Containment/Guarded.  
• InstallGuard.
• Privacy Mode.  
• Pre-Execution Controls and Run-time Protections.
• File less types of malware.

How AppGuard Operates:
AppGuard is a early-counter, continuously checking and supervision for malicious behaviour with the unique, patented isolation and management methods.
AppGuard protects against risks that universal antivirus, whitelisting and sandboxing ways can’t cease. AppGuard is made to stop both well known and unrenowned malware from forging its move into the computer system.
AppGuard is a zero day malware/virus protection that implements a permanent, constant, and uninterrupted shield against Advance Targeted Attacks. AppGuard stops malware and viruses from executing an attack – in response, it “freezes” the virus. AppGuard brings a multi-layered defence based on Blue Ridge’s patented technologies that establish trust zones to protect running applications, operating system resources, firmware, and process memory from risky modification, illegal information extrusion attempts, or disruption by any kind of malware.
AppGuard protects enterprises from latest malware when classical defences such as Anti-Virus (including Machine Learning, new generation AntiVirus), White Listing, Anti-Exploit, and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), break down to block these cracks.
AppGuard is the only defensive technology that blocks latest malware at the earliest stages of the attack and generates IoAs (Indicators of Attack), without actually detonating the malware, without scanning, without reliance on signatures including the high attack signatures, known as IoCs (Indicators of Compromise). Other endpoint protection products allow malware to “detonate” relying on detecting and reacting to the crack in time to limit breach effects. Breaches without a known signature or IOC can go undetected for weeks or months, placing an enterprise at risk if they rely on breach detection, White Listing, blacklisting (anti-virus), sandboxing or other detection-based techniques.

Installing AppGuard:
The download can be found with your purchase details.

Download Link: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.  and is about 24 MB in size. The installer includes both the 32 and 64 bit versions. The install process is standard, accept the EULA, click install and you’re complete in few minutes. A reboot will be required when it is complete.

Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and above (32 Bit), VISTA, Service Pack 1 and above (32 Bit and 64 Bit), Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 (32 and 64 Bit).

Hardware Specifications: Minimum 1.80 GHz 1.00 GB of RAM and 10 MB Hard Disk free space.

Standard Specifications: online antivirus software to be made silent and close any open programs.

[Image: 65f3124f01.png]

[Image: 65f9538b80.png]

[Image: 65feedb051.png]

[Image: 66044dbdee.jpg]

[Image: 6604a1b437.jpg]

After the restart is complete, you’ll see the opening ‘nag’ screen, for entering license id information and to activate the program.

[Image: 8296984e88.jpg]

[Image: 828eeb1636.jpg]

You can order the full version, if you have not already paid for it.

Click on the AppGuard icon to open the window.

[Image: 661bb09c97.png]

When the program first starts, find yourself on a Main program window with some changeable options and a few buttons.

AppGuard User Interface:

The AppGuard user interface shows the current status of the AppGuard protection level. AppGuard allows to change the protection level to allow installations, updates and other functions as and when required according to user needs.

[Image: 664e75af74.png]

A.  Protected: This level gives the most protection by minimizing risks to trusted applications. And AppGuard allows automatic updates.

B.  Allow Installs: It can be changed to this level of protection only when the user is installing or updating any new software in the system. The change in level of protection will be fixed time period by default, and the default is 20 minutes. Of course, this time limit can be changed in the Customize sections described below.

[Image: 66fa3563d2.png]

C.  Off: Selecting this level to temporarily turn AppGuard protection completely off. The change in level of protection will be fixed time period by default, and the default is 20 minutes. Of course, this time limit can be changed in the Customize sections described below. But remember you are not protected by AppGuard so quickly change to protected level after finishing tasks.

[Image: 6724a66575.png]

After finishing understanding levels of protection, we proceed to other remaining options on Main User Interface.

There are a few buttons in the AppGuard main GUI window Appguard Activity Report , Customize and Help which is in the right corner.

[Image: 673afb8dfc.png]

The ‘AppGuard Activity Report’ is report which used to see which suspicious activity AppGuard has stopped during the current session history and when there is a problem some program.

For example AppGuard has stopped 4 suspicious activities as you can see in the Image below:

[Image: 67518424fe.png]

With this image we can see that AppGuard is working behind the scenes quietly to safeguard the computer system.

AppGuard Customize button:

[Image: 676f719d24.png]

The ‘Customize’ button is highlighted with red rectangular line on the main interface will bring you to a screen of different tabs where you will find most of the setting options. ‘Alerts’ tab mentions some of its protections.
The AppGuard program has many settings which make the program more customizable . The settings are adjusted to the default that is suitable for most users. Of course user can change settings according to his needs and experience. The settings are well arranged to help user change any setting options even if user have no previous experience.
 AppGuard Customize Alerts Tab allows you to select which events will show Alerts as well as tray icon to blink, which events should show up on the session report and which types of events should be recorded to the Windows Event Log. You can also set up specific messages which should be ignored (not reported) just for the AppGuard interface or the Event Log as well.

[Image: 678b3ef1d4.png]


[Image: 67a5028d4e.png]

AppGuard safeguards a computer system from Drive-by download attacks by stopping the UnGuarded launch of executables from user space, non-system internal or external hard drives, removable media and network drives.
User can change the user space definition from the User Space tab on the AppGuard Customization Interface.

This Guarded Apps tab shows a list of the currently guarded applications known as the Guard List.

[Image: 67c33dba95.png]

Advanced Settings:

[Image: 69f75dde85.png]

1. Advanced Settings Main Tab:
2. Suspension timeout value: It is timeout value which will automatically resume to the previous Protection level after this time has elapsed.
3. AppGuard Updates: User can periodically check for AppGuard Updates by enabling on the Advanced Settings Tab and
4. from the program at once or set to automatically install updates.
When an update is available, AppGuard will ask if it is okay to download and install the update. Once the update has been successfully downloaded and verified, AppGuard will begin the install process. It is very important not to change the AppGuard protection level during this time. While the installation is in process, AppGuard may turn itself off for a short period so it is recommended that all Guarded applications be closed during the update. After the installation is completed, a reboot may be required.
5. Privileged Operation:
6. Tamper Guard: User can stop the AppGuard service or to uninstall AppGuard.
7. Enable Privileged Mode: With it, User can temporarily disable any AppGuard protection when running in Privileged Mode. Also all settings can be restored to the original default settings with a click of a button when running in Privileged Mode.
Privileged Mode also enables a "factory reset" of the user's AppGuard policy. This is done by clicking on the Reset all settings to default button that appears at the bottom of the AppGuard Configuration Interface when in Privileged Mode.
Enable Privileged Mode by navigating to the Advanced Settings Tab on the AppGuard Configuration Interface. Check the Enable Privileged Mode checkbox and click on Apply:
8. Administrative Controls: Activate Administrative Controls (this button also enables Super User accounts). Super Users are restricted to the permissions specified in the default policy while regular users are further restricted by Administrative Controls (if defined).

[Image: 6a03edb65c.png]

9. Power Applications: Power Applications are configured on the Advanced Tab on the AppGuard Configuration Interface. Power Applications are exempt from AppGuard protections. They are able to launch unguarded applications from user space. They are also able to read and write the memory of Guarded Applications. There is usually no need to designate applications originating in Program Files as Power Applications unless they have a need to launch an unguarded program in user space.
10. Restore all settings to default:  Clicking on this button will restore AppGuard settings to the default settings which were installed with AppGuard. Any user modifications will be lost.

Explained important features here:
TamperGuardTM  : AppGuard prevents end users and malware from stopping AppGuard or tampering with AppGuard critical components. This prevents AppGuard from being crippled so that you can be assured that AppGuard is always protecting your computer. TamperGuard can be disabled from the You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. on the You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view..  When TamperGuard is disabled, the AppGuard service can be stopped from the Windows Services Control Panel. Also the AppGuard default policy file can be modified when TamperGuard is disabled.

Taskbar Icon use:
1. Gives a current status details of the program.
2. The AppGuard tray icon will flash to alert the user that AppGuard has blocked an executable or installation package from launching.  The icon will change, depending on the following states

[Image: 6b7a2c3409.png]

This icon current state shows that AppGuard is in the Locked Down protection level, which is only accessible through the AppGuard menu described below.

[Image: 6b8507ddb3.png]  
This icon  current state shows that AppGuard is in the Protected protection Level.

[Image: 6b851d1400.png]     
This blinking icon current state shows that AppGuard either blocked an application or script from executing.

[Image: 6b852b524c.png]  
This icon current state shows  that at least one AppGuard protection was disabled by the end user. 

[Image: 6b853653dd.png]  
This icon current state shows that AppGuard is in the Allow Installs protection level.

[Image: 6b853aa6d9.png]   
This icon current state shows that AppGuard protection is off.

2. When right-clicking on the tray icon, a menu will be displayed with the following options:

[Image: 6bb4655c7d.png]

A. AppGuard: Opens the AppGuard user interface
B. Protection Level: It permits the user to change the protection level or turn off AppGuard protection fully. The Locked Down protection level can be done only through this menu.
C. Allow USB Launches: It will enable the launch of an application or script from a USB memory device in either Guarded or unguarded mode.
D. Allow User Space Launches: It will enable the launch of an application or script from User Space (the part of the computer for users) in either Guarded or unguarded mode.
E. Guarded Executions: Suspend Programs running
F. Privacy Mode: Suspend Program.
G. Activity Report: Opens the AppGuard activity events in an onscreen report. The events are then stored in the Windows Event Viewer.
H. Help: Shows the AppGuard Help program.
I. About: Shows info about the AppGuard application, the version and the License ID details.  
J. Exit (GUI): Exits the AppGuard GUI application. The AppGuard service continues to protect your system, without GUI alerts and notifications.

[Image: 6bb77dcd77.png]

AppGuard Locked Down:
It is accessed from Task Bar tray icon section. It shuts out the risk of drive-by download attacks through only allowing certain applications to run without restriction. In the Locked Down setting, AppGuard interfered with some programs then I reduced the AppGuard protection level to Protected.  

When accessing the menu from the tray icon you’ll come across a few options not found in the primary interface. You can temporarily allow USB launches and User Space launches along with selecting if these should be allowed guarded or unguarded and Privacy mode.

[Image: 6bb9d4359b.png]

If you’re running a guarded application and find you can’t do something you need to you can temporarily suspend protections for the ones already running. I have not yet found a need to make use of these options but they are nice to see. The specific application can be selected from either the ‘Guarded Execution’ or ‘Privacy Mode’ menus.

[Image: 6bbc3cbfc3.png]

[Image: 6bbebaa6de.png]

AppGuard Status Messages:
AppGuard gives the user info regarding events in many techniques.

[Image: 6bce8a0c19.png] 
[Image: 829acdf841.png]

[Image: 6bd7a0321a.png]

[Image: 827c26bb90.png]

AppGuard provides the patented technology that makes this path uncomplicated and practical for all computer users. AppGuard provides every technique needed to keep applications protected from virus infections or unauthorized access.

My Personal experience:
I am impressed with the AppGuard because it is easy to install, easy to use, effective and affordable. What I liked the most in AppGuard is the whole strategy can be operated with the help of a simple slider bar in user interface , which makes the program a very automatic solution even for less experienced computer users.

My Recommendation:
I would like to recommend this great computer system security solution AppGuard in preference to other antivirus softwares. AppGuard’s Next-Generation Comprehensive Breach Prevention and Protection system offers the most effective protection to defeat undetectable cybersecurity attacks. AppGuard offers robust protection and have the best zero-day malware protection.

Review by Starship
Excellent review done by Starship.   Bravo Thanks Mike for sharing it, it was indeed a good read.
thanks for very good review Heart
nice review StarShip Smile . Appguard has tons of features Tongue
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