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Photo Stamp Remover
[Image: photo-stamp-remover.png]

You can hardly believe your eyes. You're staring at what just may be the most perfect image of a sunset ever. The horizon line is in the right place. The sky has swaths of fuschia, lavender, burgandy, concord, merlot, tangerine, dandelion and just a touch of yellow. The ripples in the gauzy clouds reflect the tangles of seaweed on the rhythmic surface of the lake. And, oh, what's that in the corner?

A time and date stamp.

Are you kidding me? Cut! What is a time and date stamp doing in my sunset?

About ten years ago, you'd have to toss this photo. Forget that it ever happened. Or you could have paid a darkroom professional to get down to some "dodging" and "burning" followed by some time-intensive "color-matching" and "touch-ups" using caustic photo chemicals.

Now, with Photo Stamp Remover you just select the area and click. One click. Seriously.

Photo Stamp Remover uses "intelligent restoration technology" to generate an image of what's behind that timestamp, scratch, watermark or debris, to give you the photo you thought you were taking.

There's no need to install any advanced photo editing software. Photo Stamp Remover is a stand-alone easy-to-use program aimed at the casual photographer who sometimes just can't stand the sight of red-eyes, dust, creases, watermarks, people's trashy tattoos in their wedding photos or their ex in their Christmas photos.

Touching up photos has never been easier.

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