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DoYourData AppUninser 4
[Image: macuninstaller-200-200.png?1821]

Powerful Mac Uninstaller – Thoroughly Uninstall Mac Applications One by One or in Batches.

Smart Mac Uninstaller, Not Only An Uninstaller

DoYourData AppUninser is a powerful Mac uninstaller. It can completely uninstall Mac applications and remove associated files. Moreover, it also can remove unnecessary multi languages of Mac applications.

Powerful Mac Uninstaller
Completely uninstall Mac application and remove all the related files.

Thoroughly Uninstall Mac App
Completely uninstall all parts of the application from your Mac. And remove associated files including app junk, register files, logs, traces, etc.

Uninstall All Mac Apps
It not only can uninstall applications that you download from Mac app store, but also can uninstall applications that you download from other websites. Also can uninstall virus infected, crashed and stubborn applications.

Uninstall Plug-ins and widgets
DoYourData AppUninser also allows you to remove unwanted plugins, widgets from your Mac.

Uninstall Multi Apps by 1-click

It supports uninstall applications one by one. It also supports uninstall applications in batches – by only 1-click.

Easily Remove Unnecessary Multi Languages
Many applications are developed with more than 3 languages, but you may need only one or two languages. Multi language files take up a great deal of disk space on your Mac. If you want to slim the application to get more disk space, you can use DoYourData AppUninser to easily remove the unnecessary languages.

Simple and Safe Mac Uninstaller
Installation of an application is easy, but removing all the parts of the application is complicated. Now, DoYourData AppUninser makes the complete uninstallation become easy.
  • Easily uninstall Mac apps and remove unused language files.
  • It is 100% safe. It will not uninstall the app until you say YES.
  • It also can completely uninstall crashed application, virus-infected application, and stubborn application.

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