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Internet Download Manager- Updated Review
[Image: d9d3ad91586d_original.jpg]
Download is an important process for all internet users. During your daily activities, you will need to download files, (for example programs, videos, books and so on). The built in download function of the windows is very slow and limited. It doesn't support resume of your download, if the download is stopped you need to start it again. From this concept, there was a need for a good download manager that get control of all your downloads, increase the download speed and offers you all the missing features in the windows download.  Internet Download Manager, unlike other download accelerators, dynamically segments the download files and reuse all available internet connections. This multipart downloading technology helps to achieve best acceleration performance.
The program offers you a lot of interesting features that you will not find in any other program. It supports resume of download, scheduled tasks, support all browsers, support use of proxy, support download from host files and many more.
These features together with the small size, minimum requirements, continuous development make IDM the most popular download program that all users need. The program is very easy to use and available at an affordable price. 
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Current version: 6.26 build 14.

Release date:    November 30, 2016
Download and Installation:
System RequirementsThe program can be installed on all windows versions from Windows XP- Windows 10. It supports both 32 and 64 bit systems. No special requirements are needed for installation. Only 12 MB of free disk space and 512 Mb RAM will be required.
The program is available as a free trial version that can be downloaded from the official website and is 5 Mb in size. There is a retail version that will be sent to you immediately after purchase via email.
The free trial is downloaded here:  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
After complete download, save the installer on your computer and double click to install. Installation is very simple, you will accept the agreement and choose installation directory or leave the default one. Then simple on screen instructions and the program will be installed on your computer. After successful installation it will be integrated with all of your browsers and will be the default download manger.
The free trial is the similar to the full version but working only for 30 days. There will be a reminder of the remaining time for you to use the program as a trial. This reminder will appear each time you launch the program and encourage you to do purchase. This will give you enough time to use the program and test all its features. After the trial period is over, the program will stop working and you have to purchase a license to continue using the program and enjoy its full features. This license key is available at a reasonable price of $24.95 here:
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Immediately after purchase you will receive an email with your license key and retail download link.
Purchase is advised for all users because of many reasons. First you will enjoy lifetime use of the program with three years of all updates and major upgrades. Second, you will enjoy better utilization of bandwidth and built-in download logic optimizer.  Third you will have good technical support at any time. Lastly you will support the continuous development of this important program.
There are other new purchase options including one year license keys that are available at a lower price but you will need to renew after it expires. If you purchase two or more licenses you will enjoy lower price
[Image: Er0KHG7.png] 
Registration and Activation:
[Image: G3JM9IGl.png]
[Image: TKxV1Qkl.png]
[Image: 3HjfBNz.png]
Registration of the program is very easy. Simply open IDM, click on registration button in the upper toolbar. Now you can fill in your details including name, email address and license code. You must use the email address used during purchase. Finally click activate while being connected online. That’s all!
User Interface:
[Image: NPvw55F.png]
The main program window is very friendly, easy to use, well arranged and skinny. You don’t need any special skills to use the program.
It shows upper menu toolbar, main functions (download) toolbar, download files list and categories tree on the left side. The upper menu includes 6 buttons (Tasks, File, Downloads, View, Help and Registration). Each of these menu buttons show many underlying options. 
 [Image: DVDUNjv.png]
[Image: keDsudj.png]
Main functions (download) toolbar is present below the menu toolbar and shows all the buttons that help to manage your downloads. These include Add URL, Resume, Stop, Stop All, Delete, Delete All Completed files from the list, Options, Scheduler, Start Queue, Stop Queue, site grabber and Tell a Friend. They can be in active or disabled state depending on what actions are possible for the current selection of downloads.
The downloaded file list is located in the main program area and lets you easily find additional detailed information about any file you have downloaded.  Information available include; file name, size, download status, estimated time to complete, current download speed, date, queue type (Q), last try date and download description. You can rearrange or sort the list using any of these headings according to your wish. Simple click on the on the column header will sort the files according to the function of that button. If you want to select the columns visible in your list or reorder the columns (rearranged); you can do this easily using view menu, customize URL list then select the columns you want and rearrange by moving up or down the columns.
[Image: kiN2OiP.png]
Other ways to rearrange your files or to restore the original default arrangement (by order of addition) is by using the view button and select arrange files from the drop down menu
[Image: QnJqjZs.png]
The left side of the main program window shows a tree arranged categories of downloaded contents. This feature will help to organize and arrange your files. It includes all your downloads which are divided into five built in categories namely compressed, documents, music, programs and video. The downloaded files will be automatically sent to the default category according to the file type. Other options in the category tree include unfinished and finished tasks, Grabber Projects and Queues. Unfinished tasks will show all incomplete tasks and downloads which you have started and not complete (for example if you are busy or internet was very slow..etc) so that you will be able to complete them later (supposed that the link support resume of download).  If you don't need the tree of categories, you can simply hide it using close button above the categories area or hide option under view menu.  Also don't select any categories when downloading your files. Grabber projects will show your saved projects so that you can complete it or see the files. Queues will help you to see the scheduled tasks and its type. You can create new categories according to your wish. This is done by many ways, using right click on the category tree or the options dialogue [save to then new]
[Image: sTkvAnS.png]
[Image: NsPuvhW.png]
[Image: nzqxRNJ.png]
Toolbar customization:
If you are one of those users who don't prefer the classic toolbar style, Internet Download Manager has a feature to customize toolbar appearance. You will have a completely new look for your preferred application. All you have to do is to ,click "look for new toolbars" located under toolbar (view menu), this will direct you to the customization web page for download of the new toolbar files. Now, select the toolbar look that you like, then download the zip file on your computer, extract the contents of the zip file to the toolbar folder in the program installation directory then restart the program (using exit from file menu then restart). You will see the default toolbar appearance has changed. At any time you can easily return to the old (classic) style, using customization menu located in view button. In addition you can change the look of the buttons in the toolbar; for example small or large, also 3D (default look)or classic look. You can also customize your toolbar according to your wish. For example you can remove or add some buttons. 
[Image: sOvfNjz.png]
[Image: PpD6oOO.png]
[Image: gm3bNE5.png] 
[Image: hVyoAJI.png]
[Image: vKWe2ks.png]
IDM Update:
When an updated version is available on the app server, you will be automatically notified that there is an updated version and the changes offered will be available so that you can easily revise it before complete download. Of course you can manually check for updates at any time you want using check for updates present in the help menu and in about dialogue. When you select to update, the program will connect to the server and download the updated version and automatically install it.
[Image: 9gVCYxn.png]
[Image: 71jQ5DF.png]
[Image: bS00asW.png]
Task:  includes download, batch download, site grabber, import, export and exit. 
 [Image: HA67dcWl.png]
File: File menu shows options to start, resume, stop or remove download.
[Image: a561Gzyl.png]
Download: Downloads show scheduler, find, options, speed limiter, pause all or delete completed downloads.
 [Image: EeMg0nKl.png]
View:  View include options to hide categories, arrange files, customize toolbars, tray icon and language.  
[Image: e8YYmIIl.png]
Help: help contents, tutorials, about, check for updates, grabber help, homepage, contact support and tip of the day
[Image: FyP5zkdl.png]
[Image: wDkOPeW.png]
[Image: rUDscg0l.png]
The default program language is English. You can use the program in your own native language. Simply, use the view menu and select the language button, you will see a list of built in languages available with app installation and lets you want to use the program in your preferred language. If you don't find your language in the list of languages available, don't panic, the program is available in more than fifty languages till now. More language translations are being added and approved by IDM company. You can easily download translation files for your native language here: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
All you have to do is to browse to the IDM root Folder in “C:/Program files”, you will find a folder named “Languages". Extract the contents of the Zip file you have downloaded in this folder. Finally restart the program and change the language. That's all! 
Features of Internet Download Manager:
Automatic start of download from internet
Increase download speed more than 5 folds through dynamic segmentation throughout the downloading process
Resume download
Support all browsers
Support all file types
Site grabber
Download queues (Schedular)
File search: You can use search function to find any downloaded file
Support download from file host sites
Easy to use with friendly user interface
Batch downloads
You can update the download address automatic or manual
Support video downloading from streaming video sites
Import and export
Speed limiter
Multilingual support
Automatic Antivirus checking of the downloaded files to keep you safe
Many protocols are supported by the program. For example;  HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, MMS
The program has an advanced browser integration feature
Show download progress and download complete dialogue with “Open with option”
Option to shut down computer after complete download
Support drag and drop feature in order to start download
Shows properties of downloaded file in details
Windows 10 Compatibility
IDM Development and New Features:
The program is in continuous development since its first release on 2005. There are many added features, fixed bugs and new tools added. If you want to see and revise the new features in details, please visit this page:
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One of the interesting updates lets you see the first 5 letters in the currently used license key. You can see this in about screen (from help menu); "Your serial number starts with..." This is of especial help if you have many  keys available and you forget which one you are currently using. For example if you have done purchase of one year license keys
Download Function:
This is the main function of the program. It has many built in download modes which will help you and save your time. There are the manual and automatic download modes, batch download, download from web page or multimedia site, drag and drop download, import download, clipboard download, command line download and site grabber. All downloads you need are available in one application!
The program is compatible with all known browsers and is fully integrated in using plugins that are continuously updated. If the browser you are using is not available you can easily add it from settings, general, and use add browser exe file. This feature that helps to automatically capture any file download from all browsers using the program. In addition, the program will detect the file type and automatically save it to the default place accordingly. As I have explained earlier, there are  five built in locations to automatically save your files; compressed, documents, music, programs and video. If you want to use other location (custom site) to save some files (for example save to desktop for some important files), the process is very easy with the use of IDM.  The program will lets you manually select the location you want and even create a new folder and rename it using the browse button next to the download file in the open dialogue.  Additionally, you can create new categories and specify file types to be downloaded automatically in each category. Simply right click on all downloads in the category tree of the main window and select add new or open options, save to and select
[Image: Jk56Aq6l.png]
[Image: xxOSzcr.png]
[Image: cxcp489.png]
Import and export Download:
This feature lets you export any files downloads in your list so that it will be saved on your computer in the form of files with the extension .ief or ef2. You can restore and download these files later on using import function under task menu. The program will automatically detect the exported files saved by the user and restore it. More easily you can import and export any downloads in the form of a text file. You can even use all your downloads. This will help you in many situations and save your time. For example, you can easily restore all your download after moving to a new computer
[Image: 1fQRnWql.png]
[Image: g1UKZOW.png]
[Image: Kk3d00j.png]
Search function (Find):
After many years of program use, you will have hundreds of downloaded files. If you need to find a specific file that you have downloaded long time ago (for example to redownload), you will need a long time to search and find it among the long list present. This is no longer a problem with the built in search function. This new features helps you to find any downloaded file in few seconds. Simply click “Find” under download menu then write the file name in the search dialogue. Use “find next (from download menu) or click F3 to move to the next file in your search.  This will save your time and make the process of searching for a certain file easier and faster.

 [Image: qe7ypk1.png]
Automatic download Mode:  This method is the easiest one and the default method. IDM is fully integrated into all browsers and become your default downloader. You can automatically start any file download with a simple click on any download links. This process will make your file download very easy job and completed in a few seconds.
[Image: MJ1IuoCl.png]
Batch download:
This is one of the most interesting and useful features in Internet download manager. If you have a certain website with many files that you need to download, what will you do? The usual method was to download each file separately till download is complete. The main problem with this method is that it is time consuming and needs a lot of effort to do. Now, with the batch download feature, your download becomes very easy. All you have to do is to open task menu and select add batch download then add the URL of your preferred website with asterisk and extension of the files you need to download at the end of the URL (see the image). For example *.mp3 for sound files. The next step is to select the method you want to use to arrange your files, you have one of two methods by numbers (for example from 1 to 100) or letters (from a to z). Then select number of files and wildcard size (this means the number of letters for output file name as 001 or 01 or 1). Finally click OK. The program will detect the files and show all files with the arrangement and names you select and the file size and download URL will be in front of each file. You can now select the files you will download and click OK. The files will be automatically added to the program scheduler. You can specify the destination folder or leave it to be automatically done by the program. Finally, you can start download and the program will do everything for you. You can even go to work 
[Image: RhKrtCV.png]

[Image: nTAucdl.png]
[Image: z8IVbFk.png]
Web Player (Video Grabber):
[Image: RLAGRdal.png]
This is an important built in download feature that helps you to download any online multimedia files in an easy and fast way. You will not need to use any video or multimedia download application. IDM will do the job for you. If you want to download any online multimedia (Videos) (for example YouTube), simply start of the online video play, a small IDM window will appear offering you the ability to easily download the video using single click. Moreover, all the formats and resolutions available for your video or movie will be available as a drop down menu (for example MP4, WMP, and so on). You can now select the resolution you want (for example full HD) and the destination to save the output file (or leave it to be automatically specified by the app). Finally click start. That’s all!  In this way IDM is now working as a video grabber.
Manual Download:
[Image: Me9cNIrl.png]
Using the program, you can manually start any file download you want. The process is very easy. All you have to do is to click: “Add URL Button” from the download toolbar then copy the download URL in the text box or select URL from existing ones.  Sometimes, the server needs your login information (username and password), in this case the program allows you to easily input your credentials to start the download.
Download files from a Web Page:
If your download link is embedded in the selected text (for example in html pages), you can easily download your file by right click on the link and select "Download with IDM" or simply click the link and download will start automatically. If there are many download links you can right click and select download all links with IDM, then select the files you will download from the list that will appear. That’s all!
Download from a Host File:
Currently, many important files are uploaded to some file hosting sites (such as rapidshare, mediafire, and so on). This way of file upload become very popular and many users need to download important data and files from these host files. The download from these file host sites is different as you will need a username and password to enjoy the full download speed otherwise the download speed will be limited and sometimes you can't use IDM. This needs subscription to these host files which is paid monthly or yearly to be able to download files at the full speed.  IDM lets you easily add and save your host site login details so that when you start any file download from that host site with a single click, download process will start automatically and at the full speed. To do this, simply launch the program and select options (under download menu), then select sites login. You can add any number of host sites you want by click new button. The pop up window let you add the host site URL, Username and Password.
[Image: site_login_menu.png]
 Drag and Drop:
[Image: sDjvywHl.png]
IDM offers an interesting tool called download basket which enables you to drag and drop links for download. All you have to do is to drag the link from your browser and drop it to this basket.  Download will start automatically.
This tool is hidden by default, if you want to use it, simply launch the program and select “show drop target” from task menu.
Clipboard links:
When a URL is copied to the clipboard, IDM will automatically check the URL and shows you its dialog to start download. This will make your download job more and more simple.
Command line Downloads:
You can also start downloads with IDM from the command line using specific parameters. This option is mainly for advanced users.
Download Function Features:
IDM has important built in features for its Download function. These features let you easily manage your download
[Image: mg5Sbuel.png]
Download location: You can select the location you want to save your download file or leave it in the default location specified by the program. You can add a new category to save certain files.
Speed Limiter:
[Image: vIvAUDml.png]
[Image: mSIp0i5l.png]
Internet Download Manager has a built-in intelligent dynamic file segmentation and multipart downloading technology which marked increase the download speed. This will cause some problems if your internet connection is shared with other persons. The internet connection will be very slow!
The developers add a very useful tool that can set a limit to the download speed. The process is very easy. Simply open the program, click on download button then speed limiter turn on/off and adjust the download speed to the figure you want. It is important to note that if you are downloading from a server that doesn’t support resume download, it is better to turn off speed limiter to avoid interrupted download.
Resume Download:
[Image: Exf9rUBl.png]
This built in feature is especially important in many situations we have in our daily activities. For example, when you are downloading large sized files or if there is some problems in your internet connection or you are busy and so on. It allows you to resume your download at any time suitable for you. No need to work on your computer for many hours to complete your download. Simply stop download and resume later. You will not lose your downloaded part.
It is very easy for you to know if the downloaded file is resumable or not. There is a “Resume Capability” on the download window. This shows “yes” if download is resumable.
 Download Complete:
[Image: jYitfRel.png]
This windows appears after your download is completed. It gives you the location of the downloaded file and offers you one of three options to manage the downloaded file; either to open the file or open with (select a specific program to open the file) or open folder (containing the file) or close. You don’t have to search for the downloaded file. IDM will make this easy and save your time.
 After complete file download, you can either open it immediately with the default program (for example you can open a PDF file with Adobe Reader) or use the right context menu (in the main app list) which offers more options for you such as open, open with, open file location, move, rename, redownload, resume download, add to queue, remove from the list and file properties (which will easily show you the download link you have used to download the file).
[Image: 6IaM3v0l.png]
The second important function of the program is the so called “Site Grabber”. Let me discuss in details this important feature:
Site Grabber:

Using this feature, you can download complete websites (or only specific files such as pictures or audio files) for offline browsing. This is done through the predefined set of templates built in the program. These templates make it easy to set the Grabber for a required type of project.
The process is very easy. Simply open IDM then start Site Grabber from the download toolbar. The program will guide you through simple four step wizard that determines the website to be downloaded, the files to be downloaded, name of your new project and location to save it. After creating a project, the grabber starts to explore files and do everything for you. That’s all!

[Image: tdYzuU4.png]

[Image: hZtod1a.png]

The first step: you specify name of the new project, the website to be grabbed, project template (type of files to be downloaded), and sometimes authorization may be needed for example username and password may be needed).

[Image: kIKjcQR.png]

[Image: mfFFNK0l.png]

The second step; You will specify whether the project files will be automatically saved (each file to the default category according to its type) or you will specify a different location. In addition, other options are present such as; overwrite existing files, convert links in html pages to local files for easy offline browsing

[Image: ARGqZU5.png]

The third step let you put explorer filters such as whole website exploration or specified number of link levels only, ignore popups windows, explore all sites in the domain

[Image: 6PDqLQA.png]

[Image: ILqmVJsl.png]

[Image: sC2jOsZl.png]

The Fourth step lets you set filters regarding the file types you want to include or exclude. Also it helps you to hide duplicates when found during download process.

[Image: viIeKcn.png]
[Image: AwK6pNL.png]

Finally, IDM will start to explore the website according to your set filters and the progress of site grabber can be easily followed using “Site Grabber Statistics”. The process can take long time according to the website and the set filters.  After the program finish explorer function, you will have a list of the files found. You can select any files you need or all files and start download. To make it easy you can sort files by type, size, name

[Image: g6RgOUSl.png]
The third important Tool in IDM is the time-scheduled download list or the Scheduler
 This option is present in the category tree and in the download menu. You can launch this tool using the toolbar button or the download menu option. Also You can right click queue in the category tree to have many options such as start, stop, edit, schedule, delete or even create new queue (custom queue).
This feature is very important as it will automate all your downloads. You will not need to spend many hours for downloading all your files. Just go to your work and the scheduler will automatically do everything for you in a timely arranged way.  All you have to do is to copy download URLs in the program, location to save your files (to the default categories or any specific location you want), time to start and end of your download, download limit, general or synchronized download and number of concurrent downloads. That’s all! The program can even finish download and shut down your computer. If you are on a shared network with other users you can easily use some download limits such as time, speed and size of download

[Image: pmFl0FO.png]
[Image: awkkpRY.png]

[Image: JPd5iY8.png]

[Image: N8d8n4d.png]
[Image: Q2v6aPA.png]
There are two main types of queues; download queue and synchronization queue. The two categories are different. If you doing a synchronization queue, the program will check if the files in the queue have been changed on the server in order to download the new files and replace old ones. All files will stay in the queue after synchronization. The download queue will download the files once and each completely downloaded file will disappear from the list. This new custom queue will let you specify file download type whether on time or periodic. 
[Image: zwWxnUJ.png]
[Image: wFZ7vDE.png]
[Image: nt6Cbji.png]
 You can easily add files to any files to any of the  queues, many ways are available. You can use right context menu in the main program area (file download list), or  move any download links by drag and drop from the main list to the queue you want. 
After you add all the files you want to download and set all previous parameters explained above, download can be started either manually using “start now” or at a scheduled specific time to start download. That's all!
[Image: SDq4zM3.png]
It is to be noticed that the files you have in your main download list show one of the information available for you as the column "Q". This is the queue and if a file is added to a queue , this mark will be different accordingly
[Image: 22v9D5h.png]
 Program Options:
As any other application, IDM has many options and settings which are adjusted to the default configuration suitable for most users. The program is unique in that the settings are highly customizable so that you can change many settings in the way suitable for you. To open the options, simply click on the download menu.
General options:
[Image: 6SwsH2Zl.png]
The general options include the ability to launch IDM on startup of your computer, run a module for monitoring in IE-based browsers, download capture from clipboard URLs and advanced browser integration. IDM is compatible with most web browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera. If the browser is not listed in the menu, you can simply add it using add browser button. There are two edit tabs available in the general option. The upper edit button will let you customize the menu items that will appear in the context menu of different browsers. The lower edit button lets you customize IDM download panels in browsers whether web player or selected files. In addition you can customize special keys to be used in an easy way to prevent or force download of files from a website (for example alt, shift, CTRL and so on).
[Image: wEwtoJk.png]
[Image: wYNgEts.png]
[Image: hiYcpmY.png]
[Image: AHEnZNw.png]
File Types:
[Image: QFDXbpwl.png]
The program has predefined default set of file types that will be automatically downloaded with IDM. These files are of different types and include for example, 3GP 7Z AAC ACE AIF ARJ ASF AVI,RAR,ZIP and so on. If you want to add any files that are not listed, the process is very easy. Simply write it in the corresponding field. The program allows you to exclude some file types from being automatically downloaded. You can edit this list to add any files you want to the exclusion list. At any time you can reset both file type fields (included and excluded) to the default situation using default button located under each one. The program has a built in feature that will show a dialogue to ask you to add an address to the exclusion list if you cancel file download twice.
[Image: Dekadd1.png]
Save to:
[Image: rfvjrA4l.png]
This options lets you manage categories, file types and folders. By default, there are 6 categories for downloaded files; General, Compressed, Music, Video, documents, programs. For each category there are specific file types and default save location. You can add other file types or change default location easily. General category includes the file types not listed in any other category. You can also create a new category and specify file types associated with it and the default location to save files.
[Image: b8LVKKEl.png]
Include settings for download dialogue (on start and complete), show queue panel on click of download later or close patch downloads and virus checking tool which allows you to scan any downloaded file.  You can customize the download progress dialogue regarding the download start view and the options available for you (for example add speed limiter, hide, options on complete). You will also find some options when duplicate download link is added. For example, add the duplicate, overwrite present file...etc
[Image: DSYCP3o.png]
[Image: sR4Aw1j.png]
[Image: zmitb2nl.png]
This option lets you specify your connection type and speed, your maximum connection number (maximum 32). This option will let you enjoy the highest possible download speed according to your connection type but during download the internet will be slow for other users and for browsing. Also, some host sites will not allow you to use such high download speed. You can add exception sites for this connection number with the number set for each one (for example you can set 4 connections for a certain server). You will be able to set the download limits regarding size and time of download. As a rule, if you have no time for these settings the program will test your internet speed by default and set these options to the best for you.
[Image: DIS3Kgo.png]
[Image: n1XnetP.png]
Proxy / Socks:
[Image: iGO4Nv0l.png]
If your internet connection goes through a proxy or socks that need specific configuration, then you will need this option. You can easily set your proxy, socks or FTP settings using this option
Site Logins:
[Image: 6lvsVCvl.png]
Many host files need you to login to your account to enjoy the full download speed. IDM offers you the option to add this site and the login information needed (username and password). The program will save these data for future use.  If you download any file from this site again, you will not need to enter your login again. The program will use your stored data to start download automatically and with the full speed.
Dial Up / VPN:
[Image: HZaJfrhl.png]
Using this option, you can simply configure your dial up and VPN settings so that IDM will be working with no problems.
[Image: J8VY9nXl.png]
This option allows you to add sound when the download is completed or failed, queue processing started or stopped. Music files of the “Wav” type are the only supported type to be added.
Get the highest download speed up to 5 folds
Lets you resume download
Compatible with all popular browsers
Site Grabber
Scheduled download task
Downloads multimedia files
Support many languages
Good customer support
Easy to use, skinny interface 
And many more
IDM is all you need to have the best download experience and to enjoy using your internet connection. The program has a lot of features and built in tools that render it the best download manager. Internet download manager has a scheduler that make your downloads an automatic process, this will save your time and effort. You can also browse your favorite sites offline using the site grabber feature. I recommend IDM for all users. The price is very affordable with professional customer support.
Awesome review Tarek.
Great review. Thanks.
Very good review.
Awesome review
thanks for professional review Heart 
best download manager Heart
Thanks for the review.
fantabulous review..........

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