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Ashampoo Burning Studio 18
[Image: box_ashampoo_burning_studio_18_800x800.png]

The new Ashampoo Burning Studio 18 is an even more versatile burning application that burns files, music and movies to any disc type. Beginners achieve even faster results thanks to a completely redesign interface with improved visuals and better usability. The program's extensive multimedia capabilities not only include the creation of audio discs with individual covers but also provide everything users need to realize complex movie projects with animated menus, custom themes and smooth cuts. The redesigned slideshow module comes with a dedicated wizard that guides users through the basic setup and ensures good results every time. For the first time, Burning Studio now also comes with a module that specifically targets the creation of music discs and USB flash drives for use with car radios. Aside from individual sort orders and easy playlist imports (e.g. from iTunes or Windows Media Player), various device presets ensure maximum compatibility with common car radios. Backup features include support for high security media, disc spanning and strong password protection.

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Release date : 28 November 2016
Current version:  Version 18.0.0

[Image: Zl9GYja.png]
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Size:  100.8 Mb
System Requirements:
Operating System:  Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit versions supported (administrator privileges are required).
Memory:  2 GB or more
Hard Disk Space:  250 MB for installation,  Up to 9 GB for temporary files (DVD),  25/50 GB for temporary files (Blu-ray),  100 GB for temporary files (Blu-ray XL)
Software:  Windows Media Player 10 (Or higher),  .NET Framework 4.0,  DirectX 9.0C, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
Processor:  Single-core 1 GHz processor.  A double-core processor with at least 1,8 GHz is required to create video- and slideshow discs.
Graphics Card:  DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with Pixelshader v2.0 hardware support and at least 128 MB V-RAM.  Min. screen resolution: 1280 x 1024  
Sound Card:  Any standard sound card (on-board or USB)
Internet connection is required for activation, in some services and to verify the serial number during usage of certain features.

Download, Installation and  Activation:

You need to visit the homepage to download the program for free. It is 100 Mb in size. Double click on the installer then follow simple on screen instructions to have the program installed on your computer. By default the program offers you 10 days full functional trial. You can extend this trial 30 more days through simple email registration form then you will need to input your account password to have the trial extended. After the trial is over, if you want to continue using the program and enjoying its features you will need to do purchase of a license key which is available for 60$ on the official website.
The license key lets you activate the program and use it lifetime with all future updates for this version

[Image: yjbGXri.png]

[Image: nhvPfV6.png]

[Image: H7aa4Mk.png]

[Image: CKW40be.png]

[Image: nxgJ3qF.png] 

[Image: ByJyWoF.png]

[Image: 98sNXr4.png]

[Image: 4kd4YdA.png]

[Image: D4j27NY.png]

User Interface:

The main interface shows left sided menu that includes all the program features arranged with submenu from many tools according to the fuctions of each button. The program is skinny and after complete installation you will be asked about the appearance you want (white or dark). I have selected the dark for this review
[Image: JdicDMT.jpg]

[Image: rz8t8YA.png]

Left sided menus:

Burn menu:

[Image: 9d0kyza.png]

Audio and Music menu:

[Image: 0FWm5Ur.png]

Movie and slideshow menu:

[Image: DypJnwR.png]

Disk image menu:

[Image: u70F6cQ.png]

Backup menu:

[Image: AlHbTjp.png]

Advanced options menu:

[Image: 58a8VtI.png]

 Service menu:

[Image: oLXtEv0.png]

- Burn, copy and back up your files with unbeatable ease of use
- Extensive sound module for your car radio
- New user interface and program handling
- Wizard to create slideshows with over 140 transition effects
- Faster video encoding through Intel Media with many onboard cards
- Cut, produce and burn movies with ease
- Rip, convert and burn audio discs
- Create password-protected backups across multiple volumes
- Various menu presets, themes and designs for multimedia use
- Backup data from mobile devices (cellphone, laptop etc.)
- Perfect visuals and unmatched ease of use 
Languages supported:
The program as most ashampoo apps is multilingual. It supports 27 languages including:

 German, English, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Slovenian, Czech, Chinese (simplified), British English, Serbian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (traditional), Dansk, Catalan, Slovakian, Finnish, Latvian, Serbian, Belorussian, Norwegian Nynorsk. You can use the program in your own language 

[Image: Npsu7Ej.png]

New Features added:

The current version shows numerous added and improved features which let you enjoy the app. You can revise the full list of changes in the new version by visiting homepage and clicking the details button

All the program features and uses run in three simple steps; select files then adjust settings and finally get output
Burn data safely and with great flexibility:

 Naturally, burning data to CD, DVD or Blu-ray is the core feature of the program. But Burning Studio shows resourcefulness even with such a simple task. Storing huge amounts of data across multiple discs is stunningly simple, autostart discs feature custom menus and individual designs while encrypted discs come with strong password protection for maximum security.

Burning Data Disc:
The program lets you easily burn any files or folders to blank CD/DVD. The process is very easy and just you will follow the same three steps, select, adjust settings then write to CD. That's all!  
After you add files to the disc , you can open, rename or deleted any files added to the disc. Moreover you can specify a title to the disc.
There are many options you need to know that will help you in the burning process. First, you can use the dropdown menu to select your disc recorder or enable "Writing a disc image file instead of burning a disc" to create a disc image instead. Second, you can specify the writing speed and number of copies you need to burn. Third the write settings which include simulate, verify, finalize, disc at once, cache data, shut down and sound after burning. During recording, progress , status and error messages will be displayed in a separate dialog. Once the disc is complete, additional steps will be available through the quickstart pane.
 [Image: jzjAT9T.png]

[Image: ILTC7Vy.png]

[Image: 9cj6w1c.png]

[Image: dAhgqU7.jpg]

[Image: Zw9Ci1F.jpg]

Design and Print Labels and covers:

You can design and print nice labels, cover, case, booklet for your DVD. Simply click on cover and inlays from the left sided menu then select the type and the format you want and start. You may also create your own format or change background image using the corresponding right sided buttons. For the disc there is diameter disc button which lets you change the printable area on the disc. You have many objects , themes and templates which lets you have a good covers and labels in an easy way.

[Image: bDw7pmE.jpg]

[Image: o7WKJye.png]

[Image: 37IQk4J.png]

[Image: 5OwoZOn.png]

[Image: he5iQRx.png]

[Image: FuUHruN.png]

Music's in the air:

All-round service for your audio files

Burning Studio takes to audio files like a duck to water. Rip and store CDs either in high quality or with maximum space savings. Artists and titles are recognized automatically. Then, burn audio CDs with the greatest easy and apply various equalizer presets or volume adjustments before your very own cover design goes into print. Sounds good? It is!

Burn Audio CD:

Using the program you can easily burn an audio CD. The process is very easy. All you have to do is to click the plus button to add audio files then use the arrow up/down buttons to move songs up or down in the playlist or random to rearrange files in the list in a random way. At any time you can use the trash can button to delete files you will not add to the CD. Use the play button if you need to preview your songs before finalizing the disc. The equalizer settings button (the button with the three sliders) lets you easily access the equalizer settings for the selected files.
The button designed for Normalization settings allows you to adjust the volume levels of several songs around a common level. The application can automatically do it for you or you can use the slider to set the volume level manually. The pause button helps to modify the pauses between songs.
 Finally, select a recorder and start burning. That's all!
[Image: cKzUsfc.jpg]

Burn files and folders with advanced (Expert) settings:

[Image: rknaGvu.png]

Create MP3 or WMA Disc:

This also runs with the same three step format. First, select an output format and bitrate/quality. The higher the quality, the less files will fit on your disc. Then, add your audio files. Your files will then be converted into the selected output format. Finally, select a disc recorder and start burning.

[Image: NoaILvU.png]

Copy music files to Disc:

Add files to the disc, select recorder and settings, finally start. Very easy and simple!

Rip audio CD:

Ripping is a very useful feature that turns your music and audio CDs into audio files such as MP3s. The process is very simple, first insert your audio CD, then, select the tracks to be ripped and add information on artist, title etc ( using an online search). Finally, adjust the settings and begin ripping.

The sound for your car:
If you want to create a music collection for your car, you'll often be faced with a problem: Burned to disc or saved to USB stick, nearly none of the available car radios support all sound formats, sorting becomes mixed up and your songs are played in random order. The new Burning Studio puts an end to this! With numerous presets for various radio models, you can now listen to your songs in the way you want to. Only 3 steps and you are done; Pick songs, select radio model, choose destination - done

[Image: AITG8sh.png]

Create MP3 Stick:

The procedure is the same whether you're creating a playable USB stick, a CD, an SD card or a DVD. First, select your radio model from the list. The devices are sorted by manufacturer and model.  The supported media types and audio formats for each device is included in the list. If your model is not listed, you can either select a "Generic" preset or create your own by clicking "My radio isn't available". The buttons on the right side of the list are used  to edit or delete one of your own presets.

Room for creativity:
Joy meets the latest technology - make your projects a reality
There's no limit to your creativity with Burning Studio. Cutting movies is easy and subtitles as text hints, themes or custom graphics help you add individual accents. Turn your photos into slideshows with music to capture your most memorable moments in style or design the perfect cover for your audio CD and use the fascinating mosaic feature or the many presets. You will find that working with Burning Studio is a genuinely fun experience!

Movie and Slideshow:

Everything for the perfect slideshow, more compatible than ever before
 Making and burning movies has always been the program's specialty. Version 18 now also supports the popular MPEG-4, H.264 and AAC formats. Combined with first-rate new scene transition and sound effects, you now have a sheer endless number of options to create movies exactly to your wishes. There are so many possibilities - let your imagination run wild!

The steps are simple and well arranged. After you click movies and slideshow on the left sided menu, a dialogue wizard will start and guide you in the whole process. First select title and output format, then specify the TV system and screen format needed. Now you will need to add the movies or create new movie using movie editor project, or create slideshow in an easy wizard guided way. This process is available using the buttons on the right side. Next steps let you add themes, background, image, text or objects. Next select the medium you like to use for your menu whether Disc or folder finally start. You will see the progress and any errors during the process.

[Image: OK14hHL.jpg]

[Image: yHQXpq4.jpg]

[Image: g4S4Ysv.png]

[Image: hSt4ejd.png]

[Image: u3LJBqO.png]

[Image: SsyuLxw.png]

[Image: UFfe6Tm.png]

[Image: HxHzF0L.png]

[Image: 0jku6Ux.png]
Simply secure:

Backup and restore:  

Safeguard important data against unauthorized access
 Burning Studio also offers impressive backup functionality. Burn or save your data how you want it and where you need it. Stunningly simple yet brilliantly implemented technically. And if your files exceed the disk capacity, Burning Studio simply spreads it for your across multiple volumes, automatically. Compression and secure password-protection included!

The process is so simple;  just select the files you need to backup then select where you want to do backup (local or CD). Next you need to specify the backup options which include the compression and the encryption method, finally start. Backup will be stored in the form of .ashbak format. If the output file is very large you can split it using a specific file size, so that if that limit is exceeded, the file will be automatically spliited with new file created. If you want to restore at any time start the restore process from the left sided menu then specify the restore point and start.

[Image: DUaPVxE.png]

[Image: rVElE74.png]

[Image: 3EYeREu.png]

[Image: XLQTxhp.png]

Disc Copy and Image:

With the help of the program you can copy any disc you have so that you will not lose any data. Simply select the drive that contain the disc, the program will start reading till it finish, finally select recorder and settings.  Also you can create or burn an image. For example you will be able to burn an image file to a disc.

[Image: nnb8E94.png]


Located under name general options and include caching and autosave, burning options, compatibility and confirm dialogues

[Image: 19aV0Qj.png]


1. Burning process becomes very easy
2. Rip audio CD
3. Backup and restore features
4. Copy disc
5. Movie and slideshow creation
And many more

Cons: None


Ashampoo burning studio 18 will meet all your expectations and demands in burning software. You can easily Burn, copy and back up your files. You will have a perfect sound for your car radio and multimedia wizard for your movies and photos. The built in tools and features together with the easy to use interface and affordable price make it one of the best choices for you.
The review is now READY.
Good Review.  Thanks
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Great review Tarek.
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