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Computer Backup
I am using Sony Laptop with windows 8 pro (failed upgrade to 8.1). There is a built in utility in Sony software to backup your data but it needs much space and each time it make backup of the entire system (not the updates or the changes done since last backup)

Currently, I have formatted my Laptop and restored factory settings

I have no much experience in backup processes and applications,  I need advice about how to do backup. I always do copy my important files to external HDD. I think there is many types of backup as simple backup of entire system and System image

1. which application is the best [acronis, O&O DiskImage, Macrium,........]

2. Backup or system image is better? and how much space needed ?

3. What is the frequency to do backup? is there an option to do backup once then save only the updates or the changes? 

4. Backup is better done to internal or external HDD or DVDs?

Please any one who reply give some details
I'm using Rollback Rx that saved me many, many times and also usually allows me to determine the responsible for a problem (thanks to snapshots).
In spite of this I do a system image (say, 1x/3 to 6 months) during the uninstallation of Rollback followed by a good defrag and reinstall. For this I use Macrium Reflect free under Win 8.1. that allowed me to restore 1 to 2x the PC with success.
Space depends on your C: and the compression of the image.
In addition, I regularly synchronize important files to an external hard drive (with Free Files Sync).
It always helped me to regain the use of my PC with a recent situation.
I usually use the windows image backup on my external HDD using the in-built feature. It works great since windows OS natively supports it in the Advance options.

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If you feel like using a 3rd party software then You can also use Acronis. I personally love that software for its reliability to recover and backup compression.

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How can I use both Rollback and macrium at the same time?

which one to use in any problem like the previous one?
(11-08-2016 , 04:35 PM)tarekma7 Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.How can I use both Rollback and macrium at the same time?

which one to use in any problem like the previous one?
Rollback RX is the ultimate tool for restore but it has some problems with updates sometimes (especially for new big rollout updates) and they suggest you to unistall it before update and install it again..but it gives you more control since it starts itself at the windows boot and thus can even be used to restore corrupted boot files..
I have not used macrium reflect but as far as I know if your windows is not booting then you need macrium rescue media to boot it in Windows PE mode and then only you can restore which is not required in Rollback Rx
I personally already made images with Reflect and Easeus ToDoBackup while Rollback Rx was active. The image is created without considering this presence, which means that the snapshots of Rollback are lost in the image.

Macrium Reflect can create a disk (or USB key) on which you must boot (don't forget to disable UEFI) if real problem (...and if Rollback Rx can not restore a snapshot or don't work anymore, what can happen very exceptionally).
UEFI boot is usually good if you are using a low end laptab or tablet. Otherwise MBR boot is the way to go.

To me, Macrium Reflect is the second best. Acronis is the first choice for me.

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