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How to Share contests on Facebook
Hi All

I will explain how to share our giveaways on Facebook account.

To share any of our competitions on facebook and post the right link please read this :

1. Click on the Facebook link above the topic

[Image: jOvIk3Vl.png]

2. Select public share (Very important otherwise your share can't be seen)

[Image: UyG1I2rl.png]

3. Post on your timeline

[Image: neHKs5Hl.png]

4. Click on link using the left mouse button or the right and select properties

5. Post the URL in the giveaway with your comment
Thanks given by: scot , MSerif , baziroll , Mike , dominous , Jeanjean , dinosaur07 , LowcyGier
Thanks for the info.
Thanks given by: LowcyGier
Thank you for info.
Thanks given by: LowcyGier

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