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Comparing PDF Editors - Infinity - 05-29-2017

In this thread, we will be comparing and adding PDF editors to this list: Please reply to this thread with pros and cons about some of the software up here, describe your experience with some of these software, or suggest a new software to discuss about. Please encourage other forum members to do the same. Thumb

RE: Comparing PDF Editors - tarekma7 - 05-29-2017

Thanks for the post

I am using adobe acrobat, vivPDF Pro, and PDFelement 6 pro

Of course adobe is my default since long time but actually the new release of PDFelement 6.1 pro has a lot o improvements

As a pure editor, I think infix PDF editor is also very good. We had a giveaway of lifetime license v6.0 before the license policy changes in v7.0 (annual)