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[Vote] Next Corel giveaway? - tarekma7 - 01-07-2017

We will try to have another giveaway from Corel Inc.

We need to know which software do you prefer?

Please vote for one program.

The program with the highest votes will be requested from the developer as the next giveaway

RE: [Vote] Next Corel giveaway? - dinosaur07 - 01-08-2017

Thanks, tarekma7  for this pool. I voted for PaintShop Pro as this software is a very good photo enhancer software. Pinnacle is also good indeed.
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RE: [Vote] Next Corel giveaway? - osmandemi - 01-08-2017

Windvd pro 12 the best blue-ray player

RE: [Vote] Next Corel giveaway? - sundaram999 - 01-08-2017

Thanks for this opportunity! My choice is Pinnacle because i need a videoediting software)))

RE: [Vote] Next Corel giveaway? - scot - 01-08-2017

Thank you for this opportunity.
My preference: CorelDRAW Home & Student

RE: [Vote] Next Corel giveaway? - Woll_2015 - 01-08-2017

 Thank you for this opportunity.

 My preference: 
  PaintShop Pro  Thumb

RE: [Vote] Next Corel giveaway? - alpx - 01-08-2017

My preference: CorelDRAW Home & Student

RE: [Vote] Next Corel giveaway? - yoyo - 01-08-2017

My choice is Pinnacle because I have used it for years - works great.

RE: [Vote] Next Corel giveaway? - Starship - 01-08-2017

My preference is CorelDRAW Home & Student.


RE: [Vote] Next Corel giveaway? - smieszko - 01-08-2017

CorelDRAW Home & Student